Custom Medical Illustrations & Medical Animations

Joanna Culley BA (Hons) MIMI RMIP MMAA and her team create medical illustrations, scientific illustrations and medical animations when you need your message communicated with clarity and impact

Why Choose Custom Medical Illustrations from

Medical illustration of exercise

Our clients benefit from using our highly accurate and beautiful medical illustrations and medical animations in their clinical, marketing and healthcare communications. As a team we combine our experience, passion, knowledge and creativity to continually produce a range of visuals to help clarify medical and scientific content for the UK and clients internationally enjoying long term collaborations.

We can provide you and your communications with a range of options and services. As well as having traditionally trained artists, we combine this with our digital expertise so the studio is at the forefront of providing medical illustration for emerging digital technologies. As well as the illustration, we provide interactive 3D content for use in tablet based Apps, create multi-media digital publications such as iBooks and content for medical Software, from a mode of action to anatomy educational content.

Project Plannning and Our Process for Creating Custom Medical Illustrations

Medical Illustration of the Middle Ear Anatomy

On large projects it is properly planned starting with the requirements gathering phase, with detailed proposals provided by listening to our clients projects needs. The team by being project managed delivers to deadlines and the fully equipped medical illustration studio provides the technical backup for each project, including possesing reference material, to research tools and to high resolution scanning and printing.

For medical illustrations and animations we create pencil outlines and storyboards of what we propose and work with our clients to ensure the communication requirements and anatomical accuracy is met. Learn more about the medical illustration process.

  • Testimonial for medical illustrations for the Royal College of Surgeons on England Exhibition
  • Testimonial from CareCloud including illustration of bony anatomy of the foot
  • Medical illustrations of a child's airway used in medical animation
  • Pencil medical illustrations for use in medical company's corporate identity materials, with digital colour added
  • Medical illustration of the eye, including muscles of eye movement
  • Digital medical illustration used within iPad App for patient education
  • Watercolour medical art of female reproductive anatomy
  • Testimonial from UBM Media for skin Medical Illustrations
  • Testimonial for illustration of back pain location

Why Use Our Medical Artists

Anterior view of the eye

Joanna the lead artist is an award winning medical and scientific artist. Having been a traditionally trained artist she specialises in the realism drawing of human and animal anatomy and the natural world. You can be confident to commission Joanna and her team to produce drawn from scratch, unique and engaging medical illustrations and scientific illustrations. We have both the artistic talent along with the anatomical knowledge to interpret your unique brief and translate your communication requirements into anatomically precise medical illustrations and animations. However complex your project, we cover a broad field of medical, biological and scientific areas.

Our Team's Medical Illustration Qualifications

orthopeadic illustration of bones of the foot

As a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner our lead artist has been trained in anatomy and art to a post graduate level and achieved status as a UK accredited medical illustrator.

Training by surgeons and physicians as part of the Medical Artists' Education Trust of Great Britain, has led to a professional membership to the Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain. Plus we are members of the Association of Medical Illustrators and Institute of Medical Illustrators. We are also members of the Graphic Artists Guild and Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. This high level of professionalism and training means healthcare professionals internationally, can be confident of our work and that we are a trusted producer of medical and scientific illustrations with a sound knowledge of anatomy and fine art.

Choose Medical Illustrations from

A Choice of Illustration Mediums - We can create your illustrations in traditonal 2D media such as artworks in watercolour, pencil, pen and ink, plus we provide 3D medical device illustration, medical animations, and 3D llustration.

Original Drawings - We are skilled draftsman, essential when medical illustrations need a new perspective or illustrating an entirely new technique.

A Choice of Formats - All medical illustrations can be provided as web ready and / or print ready formats for your convenience in using the images.

A Choice of Styles - These are created to suit each medical illustration project, from realism interpretation to a more artistic style of traditonal watercolour.

Project Management Included - The team are flexible & experienced so we run our medical illustration projects the way you would want: with a project manager so they are on-time and on-budget.

Contact the team today to discuss your requirements.