Gallery of Anatomical Medical Drawings in Pencil

Graphite Pencil and Coloured Pencil

Medical illustration in pencil

Knowing what medium to choose for your project can be tricky. However, the team have a broad range of skills at their disposal, so we can easily discuss what would look best and what style of medical drawings would suit your project. And we start all our work as pencil drafts anyway!

Pencil medical drawings is a versatile medium producing a style to suit each project. For example you can achieve depth, shading and form and pencil drawings have a timeless appeal. Extending its use by combining with digital media, pencil illustrations look professional enough for the medical community, whilst at the same time retaining an artistic feel, as opposed to a stylised one. Have a look here at what pencil medical drawings can look like with digital colour enhancements.

The team certainly make use of the full range of tonal values in pencil, to ensure the medical drawings have a lifelike quality and show realism. Medical illustrations in pencil are chosen by publishers, for patient education materials for medical pharmaceutical companies, health education websites, patient education leaflets, and also as artworks in their own right. All drawings are indiviudal to each project, we create unique artworks to suit each client, to ensure a new perspective. Please see below a quick video of what we do as we start out on new projects.

Timelapse Video of Joanna Sketching

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To discuss your medical art requirements, or for any type of images, not just pencil illustrations, for your business, academic institution or clinical practice please contact us here.

Gallery of Medical Illustrations in Pencil

Please click on the thumbnail images below to view the full anatomy & medical drawings in pencil.

Dumbbell lateral raise

Dumbbell lateral raise

Arteries and nerves of the hand l

Arteries and nerves of the hand

Pencil medical illustration

Pencil drawing

Surgery on a woman's reproductive organs

Surgery drawing completed in pencil

Lumbar puncture procedure in a 10 day old infant

Infant lumbar puncture procedure drawing with labels

Medical drawings of a pelvis in pencil. Drawn from life,  cased specimen, where the 5th vertebrae is fused at an angle

Drawn from life using a specimen, 5th vertebra fused at an angle

Spine and shoulder skeletal anatomy in pencil

Thoracic spine and shoulder

Female anatomy study in pencil

Pensil study of female anatomy cross-section

Medical drawing in pencil of the vertebrae

Graphite pencil used to draw the vertebrae

Seated cable row exercise

Seated cable row exercise

Crunch exercise

Crunch strength training

An anatomy art study in pencil of the arm in left lateral view

An anatomy study of the left arm in pencil left lateral view

Muscles and tendons of the dorsum of the hand completed from a cased specimen

Hand muscles and tendons

A neonatal heel prick procedure for taking blood in a 10 day old infant

A neonatal heel prick test carried out in a 10 day old infant

View of a neonatal heel prick procedure

Heel prick procedure in pencil with a medical diagram of puncture site

Patient positioning for the innoculation of an infant

Standard innoculation

Pencil hand with muscle and artery anatomy

Muscle and artery of the dorsal hand

Lumbar puncture procedure in a 10 day old infant

Infant lumbar puncture procedure drawing with labels

Femur study in pencil

Femur study in pencil

Pencil medical illustration of the kidneys and urinary tract

Kidneys and urinary tract

Femur studies anterior view

Preparatory drawings in pencil

Femur study in pencil

Femur study in pencil

Scapula study in pencilr

Scapula study in pencil

Man's face in pencil prior to plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

Upper respiratory tract

Upper respiratory tract

Strength training illustrated in pencil with coloured pencil enhancements

Pencil illustration with coloured pencil muscle enhancements