We are a Medical Illustration Studio

Providing Illustration Services Specialising in Anatomy, Medicine, Science

Supplying visuals for Publishers, Health Learning, Marketing, Patient Education, Legal, Science, Academia, Hospitals with Award Winning Medical and Scientific Art and Medical Animation

“We are a team of medical artists trained in anatomy ready to create stunning medical illustrations for use within marketing to education. Completed in a beautiful and engaging way through our blend of realism style art and knowledge of anatomy. We are staffed with a talented team ready to work on projects”

Our Skills

Some of our unique skills ready to apply to projects

Medical & Anatomy Illustrations

As artists drawing and painting forms the core of our business. We provide stunning and detailed art and illustration specialising in health, medicine and human anatomy subject matter. Trained in anatomy our specialist skills lie in beautifully and precisely conveying the bodily structures of the human body.

Large Scale Project Delivery

We are well equipped at completing large scale projects. From supplying illustration for multiple anatomy book assignments, to working in partnership with clients over a number of years. We have a huge bank of existing illustrations we can call upon allowing us to meet budgets and timelines. We project manage to deliver large scale projects on time and on budget.

Drawing is Key

We are skilled draftsman dedicated to drawing and storyboarding each project from scratch. No one project is the same and we create with a new perspective each time resulting in custom medical art and illustrations and animations that are used by clients for publishing, patient education, eLearning, surgical and health education.

Training and Qualifications

Training and accreditation is an essential component to our business values. We have undertaken the relevant training required to become accredited medical artists meeting industry standards. We have been trained in human anatomy and through our understanding of human anatomy we are able to converse with the medical communities.

Medical Stock Illustration

It is possible to choose from our existing library of stock medical illustrations covering the human body systems purchasing directly from our sister site The Medical Stock Images Company or we can combine stock imagery with custom creations. The images we have created are some of the best stock medical illustrations available.

Graphic Design Services

We offer a technical graphic service to provide the full creative package from brochure to page design and layout, to custom illustration creation to copywriting, to iBook creation to app content. We also offer a range of illustrative styles and mediums to suit a clients budget and aspirations.

Our Mission

Enhance communications for the medical and science industries

Provide our client’s with a marketing strategy to engage with audiences

Clearer and faster doctor to patient communications

Improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

Empower patients by improving their understanding and knowledge

Promote intercultural understanding

Allow research to get published or sponsored

Give medical text the greater power to inform and educate