About the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI)

The Association of Medical Illustrators furthers the use of visual media to advance life sciences, medicine, and healthcare through a worldwide network of specialized interdisciplinary professionals.

Joanna has been a member of the AMI for a number of years. Both Joanna and Tim attending the AMI's conference in 2013 in Salt Lake City where Tim gave a presentation on Guide to Mobile Devices Past and Present for Medical Illustrators (The presentation notes can be found on this page).

The AMI strive to be key partners in the process of scientific discovery, knowledge transfer, and innovation, and to be recognized as the premier global resource for promoting the power of visual media to advance science education, communication, research, and understanding.

Association of Medical Illustrators Logo

The Association of Medical Illustrators' Guiding Principles

  • To promote the highest levels of competency, professionalism, and ethics among our members and throughout our community of industry partners.
  • To cultivate collaboration within a global network of colleagues who can contribute to our mission.
  • The AMI serve society as visual translators between the expert and novice, the scholar and student, the physician and patient.

The AMI is comprised of over 800 members across 4 continents. Historically, our roots are in medical textbook and journal publishing. Now, as technology and digital media transform both science and communication, AMI members are on the leading edge of this dynamic multidisciplinary frontier.

You can visit the AMI's website at www.ami.org

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