Our Illustrations Won Three Awards at the
Institute of Medical Illustrators 2012 Conference

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We are proud to announce that we have won three awards for our medical illustrations. Thrilled to receive the awards we have written a short article to tell you about it. The awards were from the Institute of Medical Illustrators UK presented at their conference we attended in Glasgow last Friday and Saturday. This is a yearly event with submissions entered by members consisting of medical artists and medical photographers. The submission entries were to clearly and unanimously demonstrate exceptional use of technique and an excellent understanding and interpretation in the illustration and fulfilment of the brief. Providing printed copies of the work ready to also be part of the exhibition at the conference.

The conference consisted of a day of trade shows, looking at the impressive new Intuos Wacom pen tablets, latest scanning and photographic equipment, from Waba a specialist in image management systems for medical artists to 3dMD manufacturers of high precision 3D and 4D clinical photography. We also attended all the workshops, from learning how to illustrate cartoons for more appealing patient education leaflets, listening to how multimedia presentations are used in criminal proceedings by the forensic services. An excellent and essential way of keeping in touch with people, new technology and techniques.

Our Gold Award Winner

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Joanna's iIllustrations were commissioned by drawMD. So thanks to them for their kind permission to enter.

Originally commissioned as part of the drawMD series for use in app's, this particular illustration was part of the paediatric section.

The brief was to illustrate a boy of about eight years old and layered on top are details of the upper and lower respiratory tract. As well as a close up view of a bronchiole tube and air sacs, with normal airway to conditions such as asthma, bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

You can see the full range of drawMD apps here on their website, an interactive doctor patient tool to improve parent and patient understanding of common paediatric conditions and treatment options.

As drawMD say, "not only hearing about but also a patient seeing their illness through illustrations that are constructed right in front of the patient can be very important to a family's understanding and subsequent compliance with treatment. Having an app like this makes each patient encounter much more worthwhile and effective."

Our Two Silver Award Winners

Thanks to Dr Alberti (Royal College of Surgeons of England) who commission the shoulder anatomy and Dr Ravasia who commissioned the illustrations of the hyperplasia with polypoid tendency. One commissioned for an exhibition of medical art and the other for a website for obstetrics and gynecology.

Association of Medical Illustrators Logo
Association of Medical Illustrators Logo

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