Our Process of Creating Medical Illustrations

Summary of what we do and how we do it.......

The process for the team here at medical artist.com, is to bring your ideas to life. We do this through high end visual creations of medical, biological and scientific matter. Involving a project management team and our lead artist is a fully qualifed UK medical artist, having received accredited status through specific art and anatomy training with cadavers, the studio is well equipped to deal with a range of business or individual commissions. We create beautiful medical illustrations in a wide range of mediums, from traditional watercolour to computer programming and digital animation. The medical artists studio also uses graphic design in order to put the illustrations together as posters, presentations, graphs and charts, journal covers, leaflets for public health notices, medico-legal storyboards for the courtroom to provide a complete visual communications package.

How we do this is through our expertise at being able to listen and work with our clients. Creating detailed proposals, concise pencil sketches for review before any colour work is carried out, our lengthy training and experience and having a flexible attitude with an absolute passion for the job. See some of our customer reviews.

Medical illustration process graphic

Videos of the Medical Illustration Creation Process

To help people understand how we develop medical illustrations for their project we have got a number of timelapse videos that show elements of the process. As our process involves starting with a pencil sketch before working up to a full colour illustration we start with the sketching video.

Timelapse Video of Joanna Sketching

Timelapse Video of Joanna Colouring Up Medical Illustration in Photoshop

What is missing from the actual process here is the intermediate stage that Joanna often uses which is working within Adobe Illustrator to outline her original pencil sketch. We will provide a video on that when we get time!

Timelapse Video of Illustrating Muscle Anatomy

This timelapse video simply shows the time taken in drawing digitally each muscle fibre representation in Adobe Photoshop. To get the high level of detail that we work to at Medical-Artist.com this is a time consuming but necessary process if you want stand-out medical illustrations for your project.