Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI)

Since 1968 IMI has set and maintained standards for the medical illustration profession, bringing together the disciplines of clinical photography, medical art, illustration, graphic design and video within healthcare.

The Institute's members are a highly specialised and skilled group of people contributing to the care of patients and the teaching of medicine and allied health subjects.

Joanna is a relatively recent member of the IMI having only been a member for a few years. She has however already won a bronze, three silvers and two prestigious gold awards from the IMI for her medical illustration work.

Our IMI Awards 2013

We are very proud to annouce that the team won a number of bronze and silver IMI awards for their work. The highlight however is another IMI Gold Award for Joanna, this time for an illustration of the posterior of the spine for Johnson & Johnson. The award was presented by the outgoing chairman Ross Milligan at the 48th Annual Awards Banquet on the Saturday evening.

Joanna receiving IMI Gold Award from Ross Milligan, IMI Chairman

Joanna receiving Institute of Medical Illustrators Gold Award from IMI Chairman Ross Milligan

Joanna and Tim both attended the IMI 2012 conference where Joanna was awarded two silver and a gold award. Read the full report on the IMI 2012 Conference in Glasgow.

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