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Medical Artist Ltd – Who We Are

The artists at Medical Artist Ltd are all qualified medical artists. We are  a UK based company and we are best known as Medical-Artist.com. As medical artists we are trained in the creation of medical and anatomical art and expertly  illustrating anatomy, to new surgery techniques, to medical devices, to health and pathology conditions.

The Medical Artist team are ready to work with clients with the objective to create high impact medical art and medical illustration and medical animation services for a range of purposes to suit each client brief.

The limited company is owned by two people and both are therefore Directors, Joanna Culley and Tim Butler. Both are dedicated to the business with the aim to provide clients within the health and medical industries with visual communications that help communicate health and scientific concepts to a range of audiences.

All this is done creatively, literally with artists who create medical drawings and medical and anatomy paintings, because there is no more true comment than “a picture can speak a thousand words‘ as it tells how a visual can better communicate than words alone.

Who do we Create Medical Art for?

Pencil medical illustration

We work for the publishing, health, medical and science industries such as:

  • Medical device companies
  • Scientific and Medical Journals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical education agencies
  • Medical marketing agencies
  • Surgeons, clinicians & hospitals & the NHS
  • Universities and not-for-profit organisations
  • Book publishing
  • Private companies and businesses
  • Litigation solicitors (lawyers)
  • Advertising and television
  • Personal Injury companies

Why Clients use our Medical Illustrations

Medical illustration and medical visuals have a definitive purpose to aid the communication and education of complex medical content and to convey important concepts. Through the application of art and our training in anatomy our goal is to enable clients to come to us with a written brief and work with them to produce illustrations, drawings, animations in order to enhance, promote, educate any type of medical communication or advertising needs to targeted audiences.

We do what we do because it fulfils these following industry needs:

  • For gaining patient consent before surgery
  • Visuals as courtroom aids for litigation purposes
  • Visuals for anatomy teaching and education
  • Provide anatomy visuals for study and learning
  • To advertise medical, health, science products and consumables
  • Provide explanation of surgical procedures
  • For use in patient education/demonstration of procedures
  • Sports medicine and chiropractic medicine
  • Patient education visuals such as how to take medication, learn about flu symptoms
  • Medical illustrations to enhance medical and scientific written documentation
  • Medical illustrations to be used in anatomy and science publishing
  • Medical illustrations showing anatomy and dissection
  • Medical illustrations to supersede photography to show hidden anatomy beneath the skin
  • Creation of medical devices visuals for promotion before they have been manufactured using CAD files
  • Explanation of medical procedures to solve cultural and language restraints because they are pictures and not words
  • Improvement of patient and consumer engagement through the provision of medical illustrations, graphics and animations
  • Provide a method to communicate complex medical or scientific data in an easy to understand format
  • Provide a method of communication that can target a range of audiences from young to old, with those with no prior medical knowledge to those with expert knowledge
  • 3D virtual reality animations providing an immersive level of patient engagement such as video, augmented reality

How we work as a Medical Illustration Business

Project Scoping Questionnaire – As a medical illustration team we work on a huge variety of projects. On all projects it is properly planned starting with the requirements gathering phase, using our project scoping questionnaire to gather key information.

We write detailed proposals and quotations and carry out project planning to ensure we can meet delivery times and when its a pressing deadline that are on time and on budget.


Drawn from Scratch – As medical artists we always create the medical illustrations as drawn from scratch drafts and storyboards.  Starting as pencil sketches so that they can be tailored and unique to each project and importantly the communication message. We do this by referring to the clients brief to ensure the medical visuals meet the individual project requirements.


Provision of Stock Illustrations – Over the years our bank of existing illustrations has grown so we can supply medical illustrations for immediate licensing or we can adapt existing medical illustrations if possible to suit a clients brief to meet those tight deadlines and budgets. We can also mix and match and use some custom medical illustrations along with stock imagery.


Fully Equipped Studio – Our process is we make full use of our fully equipped medical illustration studio providing the technical backup for each project, with secure servers for saving patient files and high resolution scanning and printing equipment. We have a library of reference and research material with anatomical models that we can refer to.

We are about providing high end visual delivery along-side quality customer service. We are well prepared to keep up with the fast moving developments in technology so we can meet ever evolving customer needs. We pride ourselves in being able to take ‘any client brief’ and find a clever solution to deliver fantastic visual results, on time and on budget.

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