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Who We Are

Medical-Artist.com is a specialist medical illustration and medical animation studio that has been creating medical illustrations and animations for over a decade. Started by Joanna Culley and Tim Butler the business lists an impressive client base from the UK to clients across the globe.

The team at Medical-Artist.com are a highly skilled, adaptive and diverse mix of visual communicators, best known for the ability to effectively communicate complex information into beautiful visuals.

Our approach is to partner with our customers to help them achieve their goal to advance research, scientific understanding, patient education, solve communication through the power of visuals.

Who We Work For

We work for the health, medical and science sectors.

Our Visual Communication Goals

Medical illustration and medical visuals have a definitive purpose to aid the communication and education of complex medical content and to convey important concepts. Through the application of art and our training in anatomy, our goal is to enable clients to come to us with a written brief, and where we will work to produce illustrations, drawings, animations that will enhance, promote, educate any type of medical communication or advertising needs to targeted audiences.

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