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Medical Artist Hannah Newey

Hannah NeweyThis is the gallery for Hannah Newey. As the newest medical artist member of the team, we are delighted to say Hannah has all round medical artist skills from 2D illustrations to 3D fully immersive animations. Using 3D technology, Hannah creates 3D sculptures and models, turning them into fully immersive animations and interactive models. Experience has proven time and time again that using interactive 3D learning as an educational tool can be used to great effect; it increases a viewer’s comprehension, retention and engagement, especially when it involves complex anatomy or scientific data. So this is fantastic news that we can use Hannah’s skills within our client projects.

As a medical artist with a background in medicine, Hannah not only possesses anatomy knowledge and exceptional  medical art skills, but the passion to deliver top-quality aesthetic content that communicates complex medical and scientific subject matter clearly and accurately to the target audience.

With Hannah on board we have a team that can deliver large scale projects to create stand out multimedia learning elements with a level of sophistication that are ideal for our clients’ multimedia projects. Hannah brings a fresh and contemporary approach to the creation of medical art and examples of her work can be seen here.