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Our Medical Artists Training in both Art and Anatomy

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1% For The Planet

1% for the planet logoAs a company there are two motivating factors that drive us forward every day. Those two factors forming our business ethos are providing the very best medical illustration to our customers as we can and helping them achieve their goals.

The second is being a company that cares about the environment. Where we both contribute financially and offer our services for free for non profit, environmental or charitable organisations. We are therefore proud members of 1% For The Planet and commit each year to providing to environmental charities.

Our Qualifications as UK Professional Medical Artists

Working as a medical artist requires a high level of training in both art and anatomy. It is vital that we as medical artists can converse with the medical communities and create medical artwork that is anatomically accurate that can be used for education to publishing.

As medical artists we have passed the required medical artists training courses upon which we qualify to become a certified medical artist ready to work professionally. We feel it is also important that we join the appropriate relevant governing bodies regarding medical illustration.

Anatomy Training by Professor Christopher Buckland-Wright BSc, AKC, PhD, DSc, Anatomical Sciences

Lead artist Joanna’s training was completed with the Medical Artist’s Education Trust (MAET) post graduate course held in London at the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS Eng.) The training was carried out by the MAET tutors, with access to the College’s museum and cased specimens of human organs. As students we would work on our observational skills by sketching the cased specimens on display, carrying out colour painting and improving techniques.

The students also received anatomy tuition and observation of cadavers which at the time was led by professor of anatomy, Professor Christopher Buckland-Wright BSc, AKC, PhD, DSc, Anatomical Sciences.
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We are Members of Professional Associations

Once qualified, we chose to join various relevant associations to become members. This involves paying a nominal yearly subscription fee. Membership shows commitment to the profession and the desire to maintain the necessary professional  standards.

  1. We are members of The Medical Artists’ Association of GB (MAA). This affords the artists the use of post-nominal letters or designatory letters placed after their name of MMAA (Member of The Medical Artists’ Association).
  2. We are members of the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI).
  3. We are members of The Academy of Healthcare Sciences.  The Academy of Healthcare Sciences is a separate governing body whose aim is to protect the public by accepting only those medical illustrators who meet high standards for their training, professional skills and behaviour. They carry out Continuing Professional Development or CPD audits and members are expected to keep portfolios and professional activities documented ready for inspection.
  4. We are members of the Association of Medical Illustrations. This is a USA association and we joined because many of our clients are from the USA.

Memberships Advantages and Opportunities

  1. By becoming members of these relevant governing bodies means that medical artists are shown to have met the necessary professional standards having received the training required to work as a medical artist within the medical and health industries.
  2. As a member it gives potential clients the confidence in competency and training as it shows that the artist has gone through the necessary training. Especially key when working within the medical profession.
  3. By belonging to a professional body affords that artist the opportunities to mix with peers, to be up to date with latest technologies within medical art and to continue to maintain high standards through attending yearly conferences and regular workshops.

We are Members of these Professional Associations

Medical Artists' Association Logo

The Medical Artists Association of GB (MAA)

The Medical Artists Education Trust was founded in 1949 in order to gain recognition for the profession for medical artists and to provide a place where selected artists could be trained as medical artists and become trusted employees in a professional environment. The course today is carried out by tutors who progress artists both in artistic skills as well as human anatomy.
Read more about the Medical Artists Association of Great Britain and the MAET

The Institute of Medical Illustrators

As well as the Medical Artists’ Association there is a second UK association where qualified medical artists can join as members, the Institute of Medical Illustrators or IMI. Established in 1968 the IMI has set and maintained standards for the medical illustration profession, bringing together the disciplines of clinical photography, medical art, illustration, graphic design and video within healthcare. It makes for a very diverse group who are a highly specialised and skilled contributing to the care of patients and the teaching of medicine and allied health subjects.
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Logo IMI
Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) logo

Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI)

As part of our commitment as a professional medical artist business we are members of the US based Association of Medical Illustrators. As a business we are keen to verify our professional status across the continents and we are very proud to have been accepted as members. After all, 50% of our business for medical art comes from the US. Read more about the Association of Medical Illustrators…