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The Medical Artists Education Trust (MAET) and The Medical Artists Association of GB (MAA)

To become a qualified medical artist in the UK can be achieved through studying a relevant course to a post graduate level. There are a few such courses in the UK to study medical illustration and one such postgraduate training programme is The Medical Artists’ Education Trust or MAET.

The Medical Artists Education Trust was founded in 1949 in order to gain recognition for the profession for medical artists and to provide a place where selected artists could be trained as medical artists and become trusted employees in a professional environment. The course today is carried out by tutors who progress artists both in artistic skills as well as human anatomy.
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The Institute of Medical Illustrators

As well as the Medical Artists’ Association there is a second UK association where qualified medical artists can join as members, the Institute of Medical Illustrators or IMI. Established in 1968 the IMI has set and maintained standards for the medical illustration profession, bringing together the disciplines of clinical photography, medical art, illustration, graphic design and video within healthcare. It makes for a very diverse group who are a highly specialised and skilled contributing to the care of patients and the teaching of medicine and allied health subjects.
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Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) logo

Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI)

As part of our commitment as a professional medical artist business we are members of the US based Association of Medical Illustrators. As a business we are keen to verify our professional status across the continents and we are very proud to have been accepted as members. After all, 50% of our business for medical art comes from the US. Read more about the Association of Medical Illustrators…

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

Being a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators allows us to be part of a worldwide community joined with like-minded people. What this US guild has to offer is the range of scientific and natural history art that is aimed for the science illustration community.

It has provided us with an opportunity to meet, share ideas and learn about what other artists are doing.
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guild of natural science illustrators
Royal College of Surgeons Logo

Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS Eng.)

Joanna’s training with The Medical Artist’s Education Trust (MAET) post graduate course was held in London located at the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS Eng.) The training was carried out by the MAET tutors and involved being allowed access to the College’s museum and access to the cased specimens. We worked on observational skills by sketching the anatomy using the cased specimens on display, painting and improving on artist techniques and completing written course work. We also received anatomy tuition and observation of cadavers led by professor of anatomy, Professor Christopher Buckland-Wright BSc, AKC, PhD, DSc, Anatomical Sciences.
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