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Academy of Healthcare Sciences (AHCS)

As a member of the Academy of Healthcare Sciences healthcare professionals can be assured that my business supplying medical illustration meets the required standards of practise and conduct in my specialist area of healthcare science communications and enables those who use my services to choose a practitioner to meet their needs with confidence.

The Academy is the single overarching body for the entire Healthcare Science workforce in the UK and works alongside the specialist professional bodies to speak with one clear voice for Healthcare Science. It was also set up explicitly to deliver The Certificate of Attainment & Certificate of Equivalence for the Scientist Training Programme (STP), Equivalence and Registers for those groups outside statutory regulation.
In subsequent years, the Academy has evolved and we now also deliver Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) and Specialist Scientist Training Higher (HSST).
The AHCS was established as a joint initiative of the UK Health Departments and the professional bodies across Healthcare Science. The AHCS was commissioned to undertake and support key projects including:
• Developing consistent regulation for the Healthcare Science workforce e.g. by establishing accredited voluntary registers where none exist. We see this as the first step in our journey to statutory regulation for the entire profession.
• Implementing a system to assess and confer ‘equivalence’ of the existing qualifications and experience individuals have, mapped to the outcomes of formalised quality assured training programmes.
• Quality assuring education and training in partnership with other stakeholders.
• Developing common standards for Healthcare Science practise.
The Academy’s specific role in the education and training system, through Registration and Equivalence has allowed us develop relationships with individual professionals within the Healthcare Science workforce.