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As part of our commitment as a professional medical artist business we are members of the US based Association of Medical Illustrators. As a business we are keen to verify our professional status across the continents and we are very proud to have been accepted as members. After all, 50% of our business for medical art comes from the US, so we felt it was vital to be members of an association that is recognised by US customers and their healthcare industries.

The Association of Medical Illustrators is a wonderful association that furthers the use of visual media to advance life sciences, medicine, and healthcare through a worldwide network of specialised interdisciplinary professionals. Having been asked to attend conference and speak in Salt Lake City in 2014, on the subject of Mobile Technologies and how that can impact Medical Illustration, we feel we are really part of the association getting to know other members really well. And we have seen first-hand the amount of work they are doing to maintain the standards of medical illustrators. Their conferences really are something else!

They strive to be key partners in the process of scientific discovery, knowledge transfer, and innovation, and to be recognized as the premier global resource for promoting the power of visual media to advance science education, communication, research, and understanding. They recognise achievement and reward their members and the illustration awards at each conference is a big event. To win an award is an achievement in itself as the standard is just so high.

As a business we intend to carry on with our membership and attend their conferences in the US when we can. And in the meantime we can proudly display the AMI logo to give our US clients confidence in our ability, commitment and professionalism.