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Medical Artist

Joanna Culley   /   Founder & Lead Medical Artist

“…clarification of a subject is the aim and goal of illustration. No matter how beautifully painted, how delicately and subtly rendered a subject may be, it is of little value as a medical illustration if it does not serve to make clear some medical point”Frank H Netter M.D. Physician and Medical Artist 1906 ~ 1991

Joanna Culley is the lead medical artist and she is the founder and director of The goal to create medical art that serves a direct purpose for a clients communications, whether its to gain patient consent or visuals to enhance written documentation. On a day to day basis Joanna creates medical illustrations whilst also in charge of the processes for the team and clients ensuring smooth delivery of projects.

The passion has always been art and it has always been a burning ambition not just to work as an artist, but to supply the best. Joanna has been responsible for growing the agency alongside Tim Butler as its the combined aim to be a premier creator of medical art and illustration. More about Joanna Culley Senior Medical Illustrator

Director  and Co-Founder /   Tim Butler

Tim’s expertise is in digital communications. Working alongside Jo he may not be a budding artist but his digital expertise and business acumen is invaluable to the team.

As well as advising clients on how to best use their visual assets to further improve their communications, primarily the medical illustrations, he goes beyond this to include branding, 3D rendering, production of digital publications and technical solutions, especially mobile devices to improve audience engagement as a whole through the business. More about Tim Butler Co-Founder.

Tim Butler
Poppy Studio Hound

Poppy   /   Studio Hound

In charge of studio security and client liaison, Poppy is the most relaxed member of the team, usually found lying by the fire.

2020-2021 Year Highlights

Some of the goals we reached this year and last
Winner of the Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020
Donated £10k to charity
Gained prestigious new clients such as The European Society of Cardiology
Received Five Awards from The Institute of Medical Illustrators

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