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Tim Butler Co-Owner of Medical Artist Ltd

Tim’s expertise is in digital communications. Having studied business economics and management at Liverpool University Tim is particularly skilled at the overall business management and development of the studio as well as advising on the digital aspect of communications for our clients. He has worked with a number of creative and technical agencies whose clients are medical and pharmaceutical companies to bring a full rounded view and added dimension to what we can do at Medical-Artist.com.

Tim’s Experiences and Background

Tim has worked with small start up clients through to companies such as Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and organisations such as the NHS. His work experiences outside of healthcare has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly when it comes to mobile devices having worked with HTC, Motorola and Panasonic Mobilephones. Using this experience and knowledge, allows us to advise clients on how best to deliver the visual communications to target audiences, across mediums and platforms and in a way that allows the client to make the best use of the new technologies available today and in the future.

Tim Butler

Tim Butler as Studio Manager

Tim’s expert knowledge of new technologies and how best to harness them for the purposes of communication allows us at Medical-Artist.com to provide clients with more than simply illustrations.

Tim is co-owner of the business and helps with project management and is particularly involved in the new media in digital media projects such as augmented reality, iBook creation, animations, apps, website development and 3D work.

As well as advising the medical artist clients on how to best use their visual assets to further improve their communications, primarily the medical illustrations, he goes beyond this to include branding, 3D rendering, production of digital publications and technical solutions, especially mobile devices to improve audience engagement as a whole through the business.

Tim is also Director and owner of a digital marketing agency called Innovation Visual Ltd. Based in Surrey, Tim works for a number of companies helping them exploit new digital technologies, as well as providing online Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and marketing strategies to help client’s achieve their own business needs and goals. Tim is building this business and now is up to a  team of nine staff, so his experience, motivation and knowledge is invaluable. Innovation Visual Ltd can be found at www.Innovationvisual.com.

Contact Tim

Contact Tim and the team to talk about how working with professional and experienced medical illustrators based in the UK, can help you and your organisation, wherever you are based in the world in a wide range of visual communications using medical art and medical illustration as visual communications.