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I’m Joanna Culley, a medical artist based in Surrey. My site aims to provide you with an insight into the work I do, provides you with examples and assists you in contacting me to discuss your medical art needs.

How Amazing is the Human Heart?

The average adult human heart is the size of a fist, it can pump about 30 litres of blood around the whole body each minute. This is approximately 2,000 gallons of blood each day pumping throughout the body, in a non-stop cycle, making the heart one of the most amazing organs in our bodies. It goes without saying that without the heart, we wouldn’t be alive and with detailed illustrations we are able to study the human heart in great detail, therefore expanding our knowledge in order to assist with medical research & developments.

Our Gallery of Illustrations of the Human Heart

Our detailed heart anatomy gallery is useful for everyone, but in particular, they are used for health education websites, surgeons describing heart disease to their patients, schools and educational material, publishing and patient information posters and leaflets. Please view the gallery below, for examples of how medical illustrations can be used to accompany any health or pharmaceutical business, and they can be commissioned here.

Patient education is a key part of our business – learn how worked directly with specialist surgeons producing anatomy Apps for the iPad. To be used as a teaching tool by surgeons for patients.

History of Medical Art & Anatomical Illustrations of the Human Heart

Medical art and illustration has been around for a much longer period than would be expected. What can be classed as drawings of human anatomy can be dated as far back as ancient Egyptian in 1600 BCE, the date of the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus. However, the structure of the heart in any detail was first described in 1706, by Raymond de Vieussens; a French anatomy professor, along with early drawings and what can be categorised as ‘medical’ drawings.

With such a history, it is of no surprise that medical artists do have a purpose to illustrate what cannot be seen, the living heart but in cross-section for example. Artists can interpret medical matter and create illustrations to show detailed anatomy, function and pathology. specialises in producing just such art of a medical and scientific content, you can contact us here with any enquiries.