Eye Medical Illustrations

Anatomy, Function and Pathology of the Eye

Anatomy of the Eye

In this gallery we have completed medical illustrations regarding the anatomy of the eye. As medical artist’s we have been trained to interpret and illustrate the science that deals with the form and structure of organic bodies, of anatomical structure and organisations such as those parts of the eye.

When we create illustration we create in a realism style as it is our aim to correctly and accurately record the anatomy detail revealing a true representation of the subject.

In this gallery are a collection of eye illustrations, showing the anatomy of the eye and the surrounding anatomy. The illustrations have been commissioned by various clients in order that the anatomy of the eye can be used for educational and marketing purposes.

Interesting Anatomical Facts about the Eye

The eye itself is an amazing structure. Light comes in through the cornea and the amount of light coming in is controlled by the pupil. The pupil can enlarge and contract according to the amount of light. The light focuses on the retina, a series of light-sensitive cells lining the back of the eye. The retina reacts to the incoming light and sends the information via the optic nerve direct into the brain. The brain interprets the information and we see the world in colour and in amazing detail.

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