Paediatric Medical Illustrations

Specialising in Anatomy of Adolescents and Children

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Paediatric Related Medical Illustrations

We complete medical illustrations working within the branch of medicine called paediatrics, that deals with the medical care of infants, children and adolescents.

Our paediatric medical illustrations are used to illustrate specialised procedures among the young as it differs from adult medicine. Primary differences being the smaller body and development issues of an infant or neonate, which is hugely different physiologically to that of an adult.

We understand that there are anatomical, physiological, immunological, psychological and developmental differences between adults and children, where all illustrations are created with care and attention to detail.

Many diseases also present differently or have a different course in children and some diseases occur exclusively in children. We  are fully equipped to deal with producing anatomically correct art and illustration for any type of marketing, educational, clinical and health business involved in the area of paediatrics.

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