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Medical Illustrations Depicting Surgery

The area of surgery is very innovative with advancing with new surgical procedures, new equipment and new technology evolving all the time. These advancements often requires that surgeons produce written papers on their new findings for medical journals and so will often commission a medical artist to produce surgical illustrations and other visuals. The purpose to quickly engage with its readers in a meaningful and effective way to communicate any complex written text.

Commissions can range from the use of medical illustrations to explain a new surgical technique, to illustrating a new prosthesis heart valve, to steps performed to repair a cataract. Surgical illustrations can bring any written paper to life, they draw the eye in and are there to instantly engage the reader.

Whether you are an experienced surgeon or medical professionals or those studying medicine you will soon discover the benefit of employing a highly trained and experienced medical artist to create custom surgery illustrations to help bring to life many medical papers.

Examples of Medical Illustrations depicting Surgery

Our Experience at Creating Surgery Medical Illustrations

The team has received anatomy training by professors of anatomy located at the Royal College of Surgeons’ of England whilst training with the Medical Artists’ Association. As a result, lead medical artist Joanna is a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner. This is the kind of training a medical artist needs if they are to converse with medical professionals and be able to produce illustrations with medical and scientific content. To be able to understand and convey the right information to the target audience is essential.

If you are writing a medical paper, or have a new surgery technique or new medical device product that is being brought to market, contact Joanna and her team to commission your own unique set of medical illustrations that will ensure your paper will be noticed by your peers. Quotations are provided along with ideas of how best the illustrations can be used in your medical papers.

Examples of Medical Illustrations depicting Surgery

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