Breast Surgery Medical Illustrations

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Breast Surgery Medical Illustrations

Breast surgery or breast reconstruction surgery can be carried out for cosmetic purposes or due to ill health. Types of typical surgery for example are breast reduction, augmentation, mammoplasty, mastopexy, lumpectomy and mastectomy. However, often the purpose of surgery is to re build the breast after mastectomy surgery treatments and for the removal of cancerous tissue. Breast surgery or mastectomy surgery is the surgical removal of one or both breasts either partially or completely. There are up to five variations of mastectomy breast surgery depending on the individual case. Usually due to treat breast cancer, the mastectomy procedure is based on various factors including breast size, biologic aggressiveness of a breast cancer, the number of lesions, the availability of adjuvant radiation.

Anatomical Facts Concerning Breast Surgery

The female breast anatomy lies over the 2nd to 6th rib, resting on the pectoralis major muscle and one third over the serratus anterior, and medial edges of the breast overlap the rectus sheath. The breast is not attached to the muscle itself, but attached by strong ligaments within the breast tissue called the Ligaments of Cooper. These are fibrous septa running through the subcutaneous tissue to the fascia of the chest wall. The breast tissue is made up of fat, fibrous tissue and glandular tissue with a nipple that is surrounded by pigmented areola.

Our Experience Creating Breast Surgery Illustrations

The team has received anatomy training by professors of anatomy located at the Royal College of Surgeons’ of England whilst training with the Medical Artists’ Education Trust. As a result, lead medical artist Joanna is a Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner. This is the kind of training a medical artist needs if they are to converse with medical professionals and be able to produce illustrations with medical and scientific content. To be able to understand and convey the right information to the target audience is essential.

If you are writing a medical paper, or have a new surgery technique or new medical device product that is being brought to market, contact Joanna and her team to commission your own unique set of medical illustrations that will ensure your paper will be noticed by your peers. Quotations are provided along with ideas of how best the illustrations can be used in your marketing communications.

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