Association of Medical Illustrators Conference 2013

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This was the first time we have attended The Association of Medical Illustrators conference in North America. We were flattered that Tim Butler from was invited to give one of the talks on our experience in producing medical illustrators for mobile devices. Tim gave this talk to a very welcoming audience on the 18th July. The title An Essential Guide to Mobile Technology Past & Present for Medical Illustrators.

The conference was hosted in Salt Lake City, an innovation centre known for merging medicine, communication and technology. Utah has over 5000 information technology and life science companies operating in the state, making it among the most robust business environments in the U.S. Salt Lake City is home to the prestigious University of Utah School of Medicine, internationally recognised for its world-class science and biomedical research.

The description of our talk from the AMI reads:

“Today we take for granted looking up a map on our iPhone, drawing a picture on our tablet device, and reading one of a thousand books on our Kindle. What we may not appreciate is the technical difficulties that had to be overcome to take us from the mobile phone of the 90s that could just make calls and send a text message. These technical challenges that had to be overcome still affect how we, as medical artists, need to work with the resource constrained devices of today.

Devices continue to evolve and offer new opportunities, but do you know your Ice Cream Sandwich from your iOS? And what is the difference between a retina screen and a HD tablet? This session goes back to basics of different devices and then expands to a clear and easy-to-follow explanation of what different devices can do and cannot do. Apps are the buzzword of mobile, but it is important to know why and why not to use an App.

From Apps to eBooks, and responsively designed websites to tablet presentations, this session uses real projects to provide knowledge of the past and present to help medical illustrators, in different disciplines, make the most of this growing area of mobile media”.

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