Austin Labiaplasty Medical Art Project

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Dr. Shashoua of Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation is board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery and specialises in female pelvic floor disorders. His understanding of vaginal and vulvar anatomy is essential when creating natural appearing labial and clitoral reductions. Additionally, his urogynecologic background is crucial to safe and effective vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Austin Labiaplasty were looking for an agency that could create original medical illustrations to add to their company website on subjects of labiaplasty surgery. The conditions to be illustrated were depictions of ‘before and after’ illustrations of labiaplasty surgery, ‘before and after’ illustrations of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, ‘before and after’ illustrations of labia major reduction surgery.

The resulting illustrations were successful because of the use of a consistent colour palette through out the sequences using soft and subtle tones. The illustrations looked like they were part of a set moving through the stages of before and after surgery. The anatomical detail was created in a realism style to accurately depict the differences between the conditions. This was of key importance to us to create in a realism style as we were creating illustrations that were going to be used as part of Austin Labiaplasty patient education materials.

See the illustrations on the Austin Labiaplasty website.

Labiaplasty surgery illustrations
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