Ronald Raven Award

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The Ronald Raven Award by the Barbers’ Company, London.

Barbers logoIt is with great pleasure we can announce Joanna Culley has been awarded the Ronald Raven Award by the Barbers’ Company in London, 2017. This award is given every three years and is awarded to provide financial assistance for special training or educational projects proposed by undergraduate or post-graduate medical or surgical students or by members of the Medical Artists’ Association of GB.

This year, 2017 Joanna was one of four winners all members of the Medical Artists’ Association of GB, each receiving financial assistance with their projects. The money awarded to Joanna has been used to help pay for the University fees in order that Joanna can complete her PhD. The PhD study is using medical illustration to document rare diseases working in conjunction with PhD supervisors Kirk Woolford and Dr. Rachel Simmonds at Surrey.

The Worshipful Company of Barbers is one of the 110 livery companies of the City of London. It is also one of the oldest, having celebrated its amazing 709th anniversary. The Barbers’ Company is a fraternal organisation, with responsibilities and rights within the City of London, providing support to charities, institutions and individuals associated with the Company’s ancient and long established traditions and origins. The Medical Artists Association is one of these associated institutions.

Medical Artist

Joanna commented, “this is great on many fronts, to be part of four people to win the award, to be accepted to complete a PhD is an honour, but to work with medical illustration is the most exciting aspect being able to use it for purposes that continue to help medical education. In a small way it will help this amazing profession stay as an important element to health and medical eduction. Its an art form that must be promoted and continued.”

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