New Project Win – Anatomy Charts for Foetal Development and Pregnancy

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New Project Win working for Institute of Labor & Birth.

institute-of-labor-birth-logoWe are very excited to have been commissioned by Linda Adu from IPLB the Institute of Labor and Birth to create ten anatomical charts of foetal development, labour and birth. The charts will be used as part of the Institutes educational classes for expectant mothers.

Based in Australia we were approached by midwife Linda Adu about creating some charts that could be used within their antenatal classes. Antenatal classes held by the IPLB are there to help new mothers prepare for their baby’s birth and to learn how to look after and feed the baby, what happens during labour and birth, caring for the baby and feeding and introductory classes on baby care early in pregnancy.

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With most antenatal classes starting at around 8-10 weeks before the baby is due to around 30-32 weeks of a pregnancy, it is a place where expecting mothers can get to learn about their baby, the changes to their own bodies, and to learn what to expect when they give birth.  The anatomical charts will be a key part of this process as visual illustrations help in the learning process.

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