Illustrations of The Bones of the Human Foot

As a medical artist, Joanna creates her own sketches and original artwork using her full size skeleton as reference for all orthopeadic illustration, to create anatomically correct artwork. , ready to add muscle, ligaments for patient information and educational purposes. You can contact Joanna here to discuss creating bespoke medical illustrations of foot anatomy or other anatomical areas.

Anatomy of the Bones of the Foot

The human foot contains 7 tarsals, 5 metatarsals, and 14 phalanges. They are positioned as follows.

Phalanges: Phalanges are the long bones that make up the toes as well as the fingers..

Metatarsals: These are the bones in the middle of the foot which are a group of five long bones, located between the tarsal bones and the phalanges of the toes.

Cuneiforms: There are three bones in the middle of the foot, towards the center of the body called cuneiforms. They are located between the navicular bone and the first, second and third metatarsal bones and are medial to the cuboid bone.

Cuboid: The bone sitting adjacent to the cuneiforms on the lateral side of the foot, also known as the outside of the foot

Navicular: This bone sits behind the cuneiforms, located between the talus and the metatarsals

Talus: Also called the ankle bone, the talus sits directly behind the navicular.

Calcaneus: Also called the heel bone, the calcaneus sits under the talus and behind the cuboid.

Walking sequencer

Walking sequence 3 stages

The foot contains more than 26 bones with 33 joints

Anatomy of the bones of the foot

Illustration of the skeletal foot

Illustration of the skeletal foot

TFoot bony anatomy

Foot bony anatomy



Venous supply to the foot

Venous supply to the foot