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We use books all the time at and we love books, you simply can't have enough of them in our opinion. We are often asked what books we use and which books we recommend so we have put together this page to let you know what we are currently reading and why.

To help you get the most out of our book page we have put direct links to Amazon for each of the items. We hope you find this useful and if you have any comments please email

THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: General Anatomy & Musculoskeletal System - Thieme Atlas of Anatomy Series

A very clear general anatomy book which provides good reference for a range of subjects. The colour illustrations are high quality and well labelled. The information surrounding the illustrations is generally good and easy to follow. The muscleskeletal system information is where the focus is and it doesn't dissappoint. For example, information and illustrations on muscle position and attachment are particularly good.

A very solid reference book which we are happy to recommend.

Handbook of Botulinum Toxin Treatment by Peter Moore and Markus Naumann

We have got this book for a very specific project relating to treatments using the Botulinum Toxin. It has been excellent for this project with very specific references to allow use to develop the medical illustrations needed.

Although the book has very few illustrations within it, it is the written detail of the anatomy that is vital. This is typical for our projects relating to new treatments or surgical procedures where visual reference does very rarely exists and we have to build up a picture from detailed written explanations and base medical illustrations.

The Knife Man: Blood, Body-snatching and the Birth of Modern Surgery by Wendy Moore

I actually got given this book for Christmas and it is a recreational read. It is all about John Hunter who became the most famous surgeon in 18th Century London. It is a really good account of his progress and how he had to get his hands dirty with the body snatching trade to learn his anatomy. I also personally have to thank John Hunter as although he lived many years ago I have benefited from the items that he preserved. The Royal College of Surgeons where I studied has the Hunterian Museum which is one of John Hunters legacies to medical science.

A good book which is well researched and written, Wendy Moore gives a very entertaining and informative account of his life. Well worth a read.


The Natural Health Bible for Women: The Ultimate Guide for Women of All Ages by Dr Marilyn Glenville

We have to confess a vested interest in this book as Joanna provided the medical illustrations for Dr Marilyn Glenville's book. The illustrations used were very detailed watercolour paintings which is unusual for book illustration these days. The watercolour medium does work very well and complements the authorative but sympathetic way that Dr Glenville has written this book.

The book is informative and interesting for women of all ages, as you would expect from the UK's leading nutritionist who has authored more than eight books.

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