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Posted: 1st September 2011-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: News, Work
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Its been a very busy and exciting time for me and the business. With Tim becoming more involved with the business I have decided to change the business legal status to a Limited Company. This has little impact on my clients at the moment but it will allow me to expand what we are doing and provide an even better service. As part of the change to the Limited Company we are now also registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) which applies to all of our sales within the UK and Europe from the 1st September. Those clients based outside of the Europe Union don’t have to worry about complex tax issues with this as we simply don’t charge VAT to non-EU customers!

We are looking forward to this new time for the business and although we are named Innovation Visual Ltd we will still betrading under the name. Of course I am still the lead medical illustrator so you are still assured of my personal attention on your project!

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