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healthEworks are an innovative company that is at the forefront of changing patient education. They have developed a system for delivering Video Prescriptions™ which can be sent to the computers or mobile devices of people attending Emergency Rooms / A&E and Doctors / GPs.

The Video Prescriptions™ give the patients and their carers additional information about both their condition and how to best help themselves post-visit. This increases patient knowledge in a way that can be universally accessed with the benefit of reducing re-attending and increasing the probability of positive health outcomes.

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healthEworks came to the team wanting a number of animated medical illustrations for these Video Prescriptions™. The process involved us taking the voiceover transcripts and translating this into the image requirements. These were storyboarded to show how the illustrations would be animated to convey the vital pieces of information in the most engaging way to the audience. After storyboard approval we then moved on to the process of creating the illustrations in stages in order for them to be animated.

The animations we created had to be able to work visually for the audience from High Definition TV standard down to small-screened mobile devices. This presents a challenge because of the huge difference in screen resolution. We overcame this by using bold colour whilst still maintaining a high level of anatomical detail within the animations.

The final HD resolution animation files were then supplied to the video production team in Washington DC by using our secure FTP server system allowing an easy exchange between all the team members. The final Video Prescriptions™ were produced with the voiceover from Doctor Christina Johns available in both English and Spanish.

healthEworks are now providing these Video Prescriptions™ to clients across North America, with plans to expand the availability further afield.

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Examples of the Base Illustrations Created for The Animations

The respiratory system of a child

The respiratory system of a child

Theear anatomy in digital medium

Ear Anatomy




Client comments...

"Joanna and her team are a pleasure to work with. They are responsive and creative. They turned around several excellent animations and drawings for our video series. We certainly would enjoy working with them again!"

David Mathison, MD, MBA, Associate Director of Pediatric Transport, Children's National Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Emergency Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine

Video a Compilation of the Video Prescription™ Animations

Patient Education Animation Screenshot