Codman Medstream Infusion System for Spinal Drug Delivery

Working through agency Marketplace Marketing, the team at were commissioned with creating medical animations and medical illustrations and 3D medical device models for Codman part of the Johnson & Johnson Group. The aim to combine medical animations and illustrations plus putting it together as a presentation within an iBook format, so that it could be used as a sales tool by the Codman J&J sales team when demonstrating the device to the medical professionals.


Describing the Programmable Infusion System

Codmans new device a Medstream Programmable Infusion System is a revolutionary drug pump that delivers pain killing drugs like baclofen to the spinal canal in a very controlled manner. It involves the implantation of a pump inside a patients abdomen. Baclofen is transported from the pump directly to the spinal area using the new Surestream Catheter technology. The titanium pump as illustrated here is circular in shape with a small, raised area in the center called a septum. This septum is where the nurse uses a special needle to fill the pumps storage reservoir with pain medication via a needle stick through the skin. The medication flows from the drug chamber into the selected body site at a constant rate through a small flexible tube which is the Surestream catheter.

Codman device

Clinicians use a computerised wireless control unit as below, to non-invasively program dosing and flow rate for each patient based on their specific needs. The Codman pump has been designed to hold approximately one ounce of medication. Implantation of the pump is done in the operating room under local or general anesthesia. The pump is placed under the skin in the fatty area of the lower abdomen. Depending upon the flow rate of the individual pump for each patient, a doctor or nurse will refill the pump every four to eight weeks. The manufacturer recomends the pumps battery will run the Medstream for eight years whilst staying within the 10% of the recommended delivery dose.

Control device

Process and Project Planning

Project managed by Tim Butler, the work was coordinated across various artists within the team with different members undertaking the 2D, 2D anaimation, the organic (human anatomy) 3D and inorganic 3D and the 3D animation. The teams first task was to create 3D models of the Medstream and Archimedes pump device and the Surestream Catheter. We used the production C.A.D files to obtain exact dimensions of all the different components to then render as very photo realistic 3D illustrations and 3D animation models.

Codman creation

The next part of the project involved using 3D medical illustration to create an animation of a figure with a spine so the device could be integrated into an animation piece. Purpose to demonstrate how the drug is delivered directly into the spine via the Surestream catheter. The figure animated rotating a full 360degrees to give the viewer a full picture of how the pump and its Surestream catheter was intergrated into the body.

Codman MedStream Animation By Team from Joanna Culley on Vimeo.

pump side view

Key to demonstrate that the features of the Medstream drug pump are that it can be implanted into the abdomen of a patient. Containing a ceramic pump system the pump system means it is MRI compatible and a big benefit for patients that may need regular scanning during the progress of their condition.

Codman creation

This is a huge benefit for those patients suffering from long-term chronic pain. Who could now avoid having a daily injection, or because the delivery of baclofen with the implantable infusion device also reduces side effects compared to oral administration of the drug. To have a reliable pain release system like this directly into the spine not only maximises effect but allows patients to return to some normality of life with less daily hospital visits.

Interactive 3D Device Visualisation

The medical device is unique and exceptionally engineered and to get this message across, as well as communicate the detail of the device we proposed including an interactive 3D visualisation of the pump. The visualisation allows the viewers of the iBook to rotate and move the device with touch gestures. The same interaction can be achieved with a mouse on our demonstration page of this Interactive 3D technology for medical device marketing. Please note that this technology requires up to date browsers.

Resulting iBook Creation

Working with Marketplace, the end result was a stunning and high end professional iBook. Containing written content accompanied by our medical animations and illustrations working together as engaging visual educational aids. The purpose for the iBook to be used by the Codman team to assist in the demonstration of this new medical device to market.

Codman creation cover