Coming Sept 2014 Vesalius Continuum, Zakynthos

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veslius continuumIt’s exciting! Anatomy and Art is always exciting, and its being celebrated in the most fantastic way. In September 2014 on the Ionian Island, Zakynthos, it is hosting a number of events to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Flemish physician and anatomy artist Andreas Vesalius.

To all medical artists to this day, Andreas Vesalius is held in respect for his legacy as an anatomist and European humanist and living proof that art and sciences can last through time. To celebrate there will be an international conference on Art and Science with Vesalius in a main role. There will be an exhibition of contemporary medical art alongside a display of historical artefacts and medical illustrations. Organised by Pascale Pollier-Green president of Association Europeenne des Illustrateurs Medicaux et Scientifiques (AEIMS) and no doubt the international conference will be a truly wonderful event.


As part of the September 2014 exhibition held in honour of Andreas Vesalius, contemporary medical artists have been invited to participate. One of these is MEDinART. MEDinART Creator and Director is Vasia Hatzi, herself a geneticist. Her talents don’t stop there though as her passion for science and art have led her to create Bio-Conceptual designs as jewellery found on her own website

Vasia has also been inspired to create MEDinART with a goal to highlight biomedical issues through different forms of art, educate the general public and trigger scientists to communicate their research. Bringing together many amazing med inspired artists.

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