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How does Gastric ByPass Surgery Work?

This gallery of gastric by-pass surgery illustrations has been created to show various gastric by-pass surgery techniques, created for a number of different clients. The most common method of gastric by-pass involves dividing up the stomach into a smaller upper pouch leaving a larger lower remnant pouch whilst re-arranging the small intestine to connect to both. The purpose of the gastric bypass is to create a feeling of fullness for the patient, as their capacity to eat large volumes of food is greatly diminished. This creates, therefore, an altered physiological and physical response to food.

The facts & Figures Surrounding Gastric Bypass Surgery

These surgery techniques are used to treat morbidly obese patients, where symptoms have led to further complications of diabetes, hypertension, stress on joints, stress on the heart, and the person’s general lack of mobility and ability to lead a productive life.

Almost 30% of people living in England are Obese and are at risk of these complications which has become very expensive for the NHS to tend to. It is said to be predicted that by 2050, over half of our population in England could be obese. These staggering statistics are worrying and with detailed illustrations and knowledge, we can educate and therefore prevent obesity.

Our Work & Getting in Touch with Us

The illustration team specialises in providing custom medical illustrations to suit all projects and will be happy to accommodate any requests. From simple diagrams to complex anatomy, and we are readily able to advise you on your project. To turn medical or anatomical matter into a helpful visual for any project please contact the Medical Artist Team.