Using a Medical Artist for Medical Diagrams, Graphs & Charts

When to use Graphs, Charts and Medical Diagrams

To anyone within the healthcare profession, few things are more confusing than lists of numbers and statistics. When you need to present such data to your audience, you are often better off doing so with medical diagrams, charts and graphs. Medical diagrams can also be used to create easier to understand representations of anatomy, treatments or disease pathology in order to explain treatments to patients, as take away patient guides for those undergoing treatment or taking medication.

Knowing how to display your data can be tricky. So the team here are able to discuss and suggest the best course of action, and create entirely custom medical diagrams, graphs and charts to suit each project and client wishes. We can also carry out the research and gather the data, if required. The medical diagrams, graphs and charts can be supplied as digital files supplied ready for your PowerPoint presentations or ready for printing.

Medical diagrams, graphs and charts are used to visually display the relationship between facts or figures. Within the medical and scientific field, graphs, charts or diagrams are invaluable. They make data easier to understand and only key information is presented, which often has been collected from voluminous amounts of medical or scientific data.

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Examples of Bespoke Medical Diagrams, Graphs and Charts

Medical graph showing post-menopausal woman

Symptoms of the post-menopausal woman chart

Chart of the structure of collagen

Chart plotting loss of estrogen

solutions for symptoms of the menopause

Therapy solutions for menopause

Medical graph showing collagen on a scale

A scale graph created in Adobe

Chart of the structure of collagen

Chart of the structure of collagen

Diagrammatic summary tooth angulation

Diagrammatic summary tooth angulation

A data graph of wound healing times

Graph of wound healing

Medical diagrams of the stages of synovitis, pannus formation, fibrous and bony ankylosis

Bespoke medical diagrams

A graph used to show the changes of tissue regeneration and cell activity

Graph with original illustrations

Collagenase structure diagram

Medical diagram including collagenase structure

Collagenase structure diagram

Medical diagram showing the unwinding of a triple helix

Collagenase structure diagram

A collagenase structure diagram


Advantages of Bespoke Medical Diagrams, Graphs and Charts

As medical diagrams, graphs and charts are not limited in their use, they can not only can be used to present facts in a clear and understandable way, but contain original illustrations created to your specific requirements to make the results of the project entirely directed around you and your work.

Along with bespoke designs, medical diagrams can be used to support a speaker, this might be a surgeon, a PhD student, or any healthcare professional. They can be used to supplement the text within a paper, or used as an attractive feature on a patient information poster or when making a presentation. By displaying data in this way it can also highlight trends, help when you want to make a comparison, or show a key relationship to inform the audience.

To have your data created into any type of graph, medical diagram or chart, that can also have medical illustrations created especially for it, or have the whole package put together, then contact the team.