Illustrations of the Human Hand and Digits

An adult human hand is made up of 27 bones and a complex network of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Such a complex subject requires careful medical illustration to ensure both clinical accuracy and ease of understanding by the audience.

Below are a number of examples of medical illustrations of the human hand that have been created by our medical illustrators for some of clients. If you want to discuss your specific image requirements please get in touch with the team via our contact page.

To see an enlarged view of any of the illustrations of the hand please click on the image thumbnail.

Illustration of the skeletal hand

Illustration of the skeletal hand

Dorsal view of hand and forearm

Dorsal view of the skeleton bones of the hand and forearm

The right hand dorsal view

The right hand dorsal view

Hand dissection showing muscle and tendon anatomy illustrated in digital colour

Anatomy of a healthy hand

Incision point for corrective surgerys

Stages of Rheumatoid arthritis
More detailed arthritis images

Stages of synovitis, pannus formation, fibrous and bony ankylosis

All illustrated stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis of the finger joint