The Anatomy of Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to you all from the team at - we hope you have a wonderful festive time and look forward to being in contact with you in 2012!

Here is our contribution to the festive spirit, the Anatomy of Rudoph drawn in pen and ink by Joanna Culley.

Anatomy of Rudolph the Reindeer

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Christmas Joke about Rudolph's Medical Bill

Santa Claus brings poor Rudolph to the vet. He says to the vet,
"Doctor, please do something for my Rudolph. His nose won't light up."

The vet walks out of the room and returns with a pet carrier. He places the pet carrier next to the reindeer, opens it and out steps a big black cat. The cat walks all around the reindeer and sniffs it. The cat then walks back into the carrier. The vet takes it out of the room and returns.

He hands Santa Claus the bill. Santa gasps, "$350 dollars! You didn't do anything for my Rudolph and you're charging me $350 dollars?"

The vet shrugged and replied, "That's the usual charge. $50 dollars for the consultation and $300 dollars for the CAT SCAN."

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