Top Ten Medical Student Blogs of 2011

We like to keep a track of things going on in the wider medical space than simply medical illustration. One of the things we do is keep an eye on those blogs and websites that are interesting to our wider audiences. With the increasing number of medical students as well as Doctors and surgeons in contact with us we have decided to put together our top ten list of Medical Student Blogs for 2011.

As you will see though it ended up being eleven in the end! We hope you will check the blogs out and that you enjoy reading them as much as we do. Any comments or suggestions are gratefully received through our contact page, but remember we are not responsible for the content on other websites!

The Top Ten Eleven Table

 Title & URLWhy we like it! 


The Med Student Blog
This blog only started in December of this year but it is written with enthusiasm and a sense of wanting to help others so we thought we would feature it. If it continues with the same energy its certainly going to be higher in our chart next year.
Some good insights even though the author is still in the application process of getting to medical school after graduating from Cornell University.
Med Student Blog


40 Year Old Medical Student

Does what it says in the URL, the postings of a 40 year old medical student. A more mature view on training in medicine gives this blog articulate writing and an engaging perspective.

Blogging about both being a medical student and juggling the demands of a busy life.

40 Year Old Med Student Blog Screenshot


Burnt Orange Scrubs
Second year medical student blogging with some really useful stuff. Tips and experiences from being a medical student; particularly keen on keeping that study / work / life balance! Burnt Orange Scrubs blog for med students


GCSE to Degree

This blog has been going since 2007 and covers this guy's educational achievements as the title says. It's a fun blog with short snippets giving an insight into his life.
We particularly liked the photo of his home made Christmas Tree this December!

Future Doc - GCSE to Degree


A Medical Student Life Told in Comics

A Medical Student Life Told in Comics blog is certainly unique and entertaining. Put a smile on your face by reading this blog and don't forget to make time to look at some of the older posts.

We love the simplicity of the comic humor.

Med Student Life told in Comics


Benji Ho - Caribbean Med Student
Enjoyable blog read, mixing personal experience with the journey of a medical student. Benji has been based in St Maarten in the Caribbean as well as Miami. Blog postings are regular and include tips on learning and shared experiences. Caribbean Med Student Blog


Life as a Medical Student
Currently going through residency interviews (14 at the last post) his posts are thoughtful and engaging. We particularly like his question of the week which extend right back through the archive. Fortunately the medical ones come with the answer and explanation - you will see some of the others just don't need answering! Life as a medical student screen image


Dr. Fizzy McFizz
As medical illustrators we love the cartoons that feature throughout this blog. They really make us laugh and therefore this blog is really popular with all in the studio. Although the cartoon and blog started while a student, Dr Fizzy McFizz is now qualified so rules are being bent here. By the way if you like the cartoons featured in the blog you can now buy a book featuring some of the best on Amazon. A Cartoon Guide To Becoming A Doctor Dr Fizzy McFizz Blog page


Medic Student
* This blog is no longer available as of 2013
A very open and personal blog from a medical student in the UK. Comments go way beyond the study and his honesty and openness in writing has resulted in the blog becoming increasingly popular. A good read that is frequently funny and a blog that seems to be gathering pace rather than suffering from the enivitable lack of time that blights students as they progress through their studies! We also loved the end of the year post containing a bunch of news headlines that had us laughing out loud. Medic Student Blog Screenshot


Old MD Girl
A straight-talking medical student who we wouldn't classify as old at 29 but does already have a PhD to her name. There is lots going on with this blog and lots of regular postings. Mixed in with the medical student stuff there is also her pregnancy and love of her dog Dolce / Miss Boo. Just as we were releasing our post we noticed that her first post of 2012 was a video of training Dolce to put rubbish in the trash can which we thought was brilliant! Old MD Girl


Internal Optimist
The quality and amount of writing makes the Internal Optimist this year's winner. Giving a wonderful view on both the actions and emotions of a medical student now in his fourth year. Unfortunately a comment we spotted indicates that the writing may soon be stopping, let's hope not, as this is a facinating and regularly updated read. Internal Optimist Blog

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