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Our Recent Blog Posts Wins Global Health & Pharma Award
18th January 2021 -0 -0-More

It made our New Year to find out that has been announced as winner in the Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020. We were named as winners of...

New Project Win – Ramsay Healthcare
11th August 2020 -0 -0-More

Our Client We have worked with Ramsay Healthcare before so we are delighted to be able to work on a new project, this time supplying orthopaedic medical illustrations to...

Choosing Medical Illustrations for Medical Communication Projects
18th May 2020 -0 -0-More

Article written by Joanna Culley. This article has been written to provide prospective clients the opportunity to learn about choosing the right media for their medical communications. Including medical...

New Project Win – British Dental Journal
22nd October 2019 -0 -0-More

British Dental Journal Supplying Twelve Journal Covers for the BDJ The British Dental Journal (BDJ) is an international, peer reviewed journal for the dental community, published by Springer Nature on behalf...

New Project Win – Wordbird Fluent Healthcare
22nd September 2019 -0 -0-More

Wordbird Fluent Healthcare Supplying Medical Illustrations of the Skin Wordbird is a creative, healthcare communications agency, creating multichannel brand campaigns for Rx, OTC and consumer medicines. based out...

New Project Win – Annals of Thoracic Surgery
22nd July 2019 -0 -0-More

Annals of Thoracic Surgery Supplying Surgery Illustrations for Heart Surgeon M, Jawad MD The Annals of Thoracic Surgery is to promote scholarship in cardiothoracic surgery patient care,...

New Project Win – Dental Monitoring
22nd July 2019 -0 -0-More

Dental Monitoring Supplying Medical Illustrations of Dental Conditions Dental care for patients Ways to educate and inform patients is constantly evolving and developing. With Dental Monitoring patients can have...

New Project Win – Videregen
22nd June 2019 -0 -0-More

Videregen A multi-faceted medical visualisation project Videregen is a leader in the restoration of tissue function, a clinical stage company with an initial focus on airway diseases. It is...

New Project Win – European Society of Cardiology
2nd April 2019 -0 -0-More

Project to Produce Medical Illustrations and Charts in Large Volumes were commissioned by ESC after providing a detailed quotation based on their requirements and sharing examples of...

How to get into Medical Illustration
4th March 2019 -0 -1-More

So if you’re seriously considering becoming a medical illustrator, here’s our essential checklist to help get you started. Good luck! SKILLS: Check you have some of the required skills...

The Medical Stock Images Company
2nd March 2019 -0 -0-More

We know how valuable your time is and how long it can take to find the perfect stock image for your needs. Therefore, we have made our search to...

What is Medical Illustration?
2nd February 2019 -0 -0-More

Where do medical illustrators work? The areas medical illustrators work is hugely diverse. Some places that employ medical illustrators include: Pharmaceutical companies Publishing companies Hospitals or clinics, as...

The Biology Student’s Self-Test Coloring Anatomy Book
7th December 2018 -0 -0-More

The Biology Student's Self-Test Coloring Book We thoroughly enjoy our long term relationships we have with our clients and Quarto Publishing is no exception. The Biology Student's Self-Test Coloring...

Members of 1% For The Planet
30th October 2018 -0 -0-More

1% For The Planet As a company there are two motivating factors that drive us forward every day. Those two factors forming our business ethos are providing the very...

Medical Artist Ltd supports Elephant Haven
30th October 2018 -0 -0-More

Elephant Haven - European Elephant Sanctuary As part of Medical Artist Ltd continued commitment to supporting the environment, animal welfare and charitable causes, we have recently donated to Elephant...

Body Worlds Exhibition
11th October 2018 -0 -0-More

Body Words Exhibition by Gunther von Hagens Visiting the Body World Exhibition. I highly recommend visiting the Body Worlds Exhibition by Gunther von Hagens ‘The Museum Experience’ because its...

New Project Win – Medical Illustrations for de Burueaus
11th September 2018 -0 -0-More

New Project Win Providing Medical & Pathology Illustrations The Client 'de Bureaus' Based in the Netherlands de Bureaus are personal injury experts. They are a team working as intervention and...

Why Choose the Medium of Digital Airbrushing
20th August 2018 -0 -0-More

Why Choose the Medium of Digital Airbrushing? So why are there choices such as artist’s mediums and why are they offered to potential customers seeking medical art work? Why...

Medical Illustrations of Pregnancy and Birth Win Gold Award
18th July 2018 -0 -0-More

Pregnancy and Birth Anatomy Charts Win Gold from the Institute of Medical Illustrators. Its with great pleasure that we announce that medical artist Joanna has won gold for her...

Why Choose the Medium of Pencil
9th June 2018 -0 -0-More

Pencil Medical Art Using Pencil in Medical Drawings Any artist will tell you, drawing in pencil never loses its appeal. It is an amazing medium for an artist to...