Medical Illustrations to Improve Your Presentations

Producing professional and engaging presentations is increasingly important in modern work life. As a team can deliver medical illustrations that improves communication in your presentations, plus put it all together for you as a complete package, providing ready to use files for your presentation. Contact Joanna to talk about creating artwork plus putting it together with your text, as a PowerPoint presentation or Google App presentation.

Software for Creating Your Medical Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the most commonly used presentation software programme in business. It allows you to create master templates and then add your content, words, images and now sound and animations into your presentation. If you are adding medicall illustrations in a PowerPoint presentation you should have them optimised for screen use which is 72dpi. If you add in images of a higher resolution then you can make the PowerPoint file very large and this can result in it running slowly - sometimes you see presenter clicking for PowerPoint to go forward and then it jumps two slides because they were impatient and clicked twice. If you are asking me as a professional medical illustrator to produce medical art for a presentation I will always undertake the image resizing for you.

Google Apps

Google Apps Logo While PowerPoint is still the most popular presentation software the free Google Apps system contains a presentation tool you can use. This is not as highly featured as PowerPoint and you must be on a live Internet connection when you are creating the file but it does have benefits such as being free and more importantly the way you can use it to easily publish your presentation to the web. For medical presentations this is becoming increasing important as people often want to review the presentations again afterwards. Adding presentations that you have done to your business website or to your professional blog can increase the value to your website visitors. There is more information on using medical illustrations to engage with people online on the Website & Online page.

Google Apps also has bebefits in terms of being able to collaberate on presentations with other people. It is therefore possible for me as your medical illustrator to log in and add medical illustrations directly into your presentation. As with PowerPoint, ensuring that the images are the right size and format is important as you have to upload the medical art from your local computer to the Google server - if your file is too big or the format incorrect it will not work.

using a graphical approach in the form of slide shows that accompany the oral delivery of any topic. It is used in business and training sessions and useful to surgeons and healthcare professionals. With this programme to hand, Joanna can create your Powerpoint presentation, to include original illustrations and diagrams to compliment the text, and all put together as 'ready to go' files.

Powerpoint is self contained and all its features are included, what will make yours stand out, is the creation of bespoke illustrations that explain complicated medical matter to the audience, and bring originality to a presentation. Powerpoint is a user friendly programme, and once set up, the user simply has to mouse or click through the pages.

Contact Joanna to help you set up your presentation for that all important meeting.

Medical Art in Presentations - Did you know helpful tips ?

If you get an empty box with a red cross in it when you upload an image into PowerPoint, this is caused by it being the wrong file type or colour (color) mode.
PowerPoint prefers you to use JPG, GIF and PNG file formats and you MUST always use the RGB mode for PowerPoint.

A similar problem is uploading medical illustrations to a website and getting a black box where the image should be.
This is caused by having images in a CMYK mode rather than RGB mode. Make sure you tell your medical illustrator where the files are going to be used so that you can get them converted to the right formats and color modes.