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Best Medical Student Blogs of 2011

31 December 2011

Medical Student Blog

We like to keep a track of things going on in the wider medical space than simply just medical illustration. One of the things we do is keep an eye on those blogs and websites that are interesting to our wider audiences.

So we decided to put together our top ten list of Medical Student Blogs for 2011. There are both serious and funny blogs in the list. Check out our Top Ten Medical Student Blogs and see what you think of them.

Festive Greetings to All Our Clients & Partners

20 December 2011

Anatomy of Rudolph

All of us at would like to say thank you for your support over 2011.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you in 2012!
Have a great Festive Holiday.

Best wishes

Click here to see the full Christmas Card to you and our Joke from the Christmas Cracker!

drawMD Range of iPad Apps is Expanded

12 December 2011

drawMD, the innovative medical App provider have increased the range of their clinician support Apps for the Apple™ iPad™. The full range of Apps now include the following:

drawMD anesthesia App drawMD orthopedics App drawMD cardiology App drawMD general surgery App drawMD urology App drawMD sampler App

These Apps which allow clinicans to explain procedures to patients using visual guides, customised to each patient's situation are currently available free. If you have an Apple™ iPad™ we would urge you to take this opportunity to download these Apps, even if you are not a surgeon as they are very useful for a range of clinical activities. For more information go to have been providing illustrations to drawMD and are looking forward to the new App releases coming in 2012.

Initial Video Perscriptions™ Project Completion

1 December 2011

healthEworks Video Prescriptions SCreen Shot

We have been working with the team from healthEworks LLC in the USA on their innovative Video Prescriptions™. Video Prescriptions are a new way of delivering health information to patients and carers of patients after visits to Doctors Clinics and Emergency Rooms.

We provided a range of animations, created from custom medical illustrations, to complement the videos. You can see snippets of the animations and video on our website with the kind permission of healthEworks LLC.
If you want to know more information about the Video Prescriptions™ please visit the healthEworks website.

Eveus Consulting Website Goes Live

15 November 2011

Eveus Consulting Website

Today the new Eveus Consulting Website has gone live to the public. Eveus Consulting provide specialist consultation and support for businesses and academic institutions with clinical innovations that they wish to take to market.

The Eveus team partner with their clients on both a long and short term basis to reduce risk and increase commercial gain. With their specialist knowledge in brining clinical innovation to market, in both medical devices and pharmaceuticals, their clients can bolster their own existing teams in a flexible way. provided both design and technical build of the new website, from initial concepts right through to launch, search engine optimisation and hosting.

You can learn more about Eveus Consulting by visiting

Exhibition Pieces for the Royal College of Surgeons

23 October 2011

Team GB Olympic Logo

We have been chosen to be among a handful of UK medical artists participating in an exhibition timed to coincide with next year's London 2012 Olympics. In the next few weeks this will involve creating the anatomy of an athlete, and so we shall be photographing some of the Great Britain Hockey team for our specific exhibition elements.

Royal College of Surgeons Logo

We cannot release further specific details about the project at this point, but will keep you updated as soon as we can.

New Environmentally Friendly Art Studio Heating

1 October 2011

After suffering with heating our studio with electricity for years we have now switched to a new, carbon neutral heating method. The rising cost of electricity and the system's poor performance when really cold prompted us to find an alternative.

Our new heating method is a multi-fuel burning stove which heats all of the rooms in the studio. We are going to be burning wood rather than fossil fuels so that we can be carbon neutral. The wood fuel for the fire is being provided through the local Lynchmere Society which allows volunteers to take their own logs from the woodland around Haslemere in return for volunteer time.

Medical Art for Southmead NHS Hospital, Bristol, UK

14 September 2011

Southmead NHS Hospital Visualisation

Southmead NHS Hospital Bristol, are in the process of building a new combined services hospital which is due to be completed in 2012. Our latest medical art commission using traditional media, is the creation of two watercolour paintings, each 1.6 metres (over 5 feet) high.

The brief is to use medical illustration to bring together the work of the hospital and combine it with a construction and building theme. The artworks will commemorate the building phase of the new state of the art hospital.

The paintings are to be permanent fixtures in the new hospital, and an unveiling is scheduled to take place January 2012.

See the North Bristol NHS website for more information on the hospital development.

Business Changes

1st September 2011

Its been a very busy and exciting time for me and the business. With Tim becoming more involved with the business I have decided to change the business legal status to a Limited Company. This has little impact on my clients at the moment but it will allow me to expand what we are doing and provide an even better service. As part of the change to the Limited Company we are now also registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) which applies to all of our sales within the UK and Europe from the 1st September. Those clients based outside of the Europe Union don't have to worry about complex tax issues with this as we simply don't charge VAT to non-EU customers!

We are looking forward to this new time for the business and although we are named Innovation Visual Ltd we will still be trading under the name. Of course I am still the lead medical illustrator so you are still assured of my personal attention on your project!

Completion of Eczema Illustration

8 July 2011

I don't normally post the images of a completed project, however, this digital medical illustration has created a lot of attention due to its the level of detail, whilst maintaining clarity. The medical illustration was completed for a client in Singapore as part of a larger eczema illustration project, the results of which you can see on the eczema illustrations page.

Skin with ezcema cross section

BBC Science Programmes on iPlayer

10 May 2011

I have caught a couple of really good programmes on BBC television recently that I would recommend people watch. With the benefits of iPlayer they should be around for a month minimum. The first was a series called Inside the Human Body and the first episode was on fetal development, which came just after we finished a project on just this subject! The programme isn't simply concerned with the timeline of the fetal development, but humanises the scientific processes we well to make an engaging and interesting programme for all.
Inside the Human Body - Creation

The second programme is called 'The Cell' and I saw episode 2, the Chemistry of Life. The programme was very interesting and I was also very impressed with the 3D digital visualisations that the programme had commissioned. As the programme traced back some of the historical back story on the cell there were references to old pen and ink medical illustrations that the scientists at the forefront of discovery used to record their findings. Other great BBC programme well worth watching. The Cell - Chemistry of Life

Medical Artists Association Annual Conference

15th April 2011

This year the event was held at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. The day was well organised and varied in its content, so much so that I have written a whole load about it.
Therefore I have put this entry on its own page, and it's not just because Tim was speaking at the conference! Read the full run down on the MAA 2011 conference page.

Teaching Anatomical Drawing to Medical Students

18 March 2011

I was asked by a fellow UK medical illustrator to assist in teaching some students of medicine, how to sketch out and draw their human body subject, as a way of assisting in their learning. The session was held at Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital in LondonUK and formed part of the medical students course. The hospital teaching staff understand the benefit of student clinicians being able to observe and draw out the human body as anatomy drawings, as an alternative way to learn about the human body as opposed to learning from books. Its a very hands on experience and proved very popular. We therefore spent time showing the medical students how to onbserve and learn the anatomy specimens on show, by putting pencil to paper .

It was really interesting session and the response from the students was really positive. Even though we spent one evening with the students they came away with a better understanding of how to illustrate anatomy to aid their understanding.

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