Team at Medical Artists Association (MAA) Conference, Liverpool, UK

Joanna & Tim attended this years Medical Artists Association of Great Britain (MAA) Annual Conference in Liverpool. The conference was well attended and it was good to meet up with so many familiar faces. The talks were of a high standard and the organizers had put on a very varied programme of different talks for the medical artist delegates.

Summary of Presentations

Jenny Halstead - An Artist in a Garden.

Taking us through her diverse career, which includes her medical artwork, Jenny talked about her year long project illustrating the Harris Garden at Reading University, UK. The talk was accompanied by a selection of the beautiful sketches, paintings and illustrations from both the year at the Harris Garden, Reading, and her wider career.

Meg Parkes - Medical Art Behind Bamboo: lessons that can be learn from Far Eastern POW artists 1942 - 1945.

In a talk that showed artistic beauty against the backdrop of the suffering of Allied POWs within prisoner of war camps, Meg explained both her very personal connection with such art and the depth of her research. Forbidden to write draw and paint, POWs in Japanese prisoner of war camps took great risks in illustrating their situation.

Rhodri Walters - Physicians Ink

Explaining the importance of drawing by doctors and surgeons in communicating information about patients to other medical professionals. Showed examples of the symbols used and extended the talk into the realms of the new digitalized electronic health records (EHRs) and patient communication systems such as those provided by drawMD and CareCloud. He also stressed the importance of having flexible recording systems, not simply box ticking.

Robert Stephenson - Contrast Enhanced Micro CT on Cardiac Anatomy

During his Phd research he has been looking at the structure and function of the heart using the new contract enhanced micro-CT scans to reveal detailed morphology of the cardiac anatomy. A single scan can create between 2,000 to 3,500 slices through a rabbit's heart, enabling details as small as 5 microns to be visible. From the research they have been able to understand the small details of heart muscle alignment, internal structures and the cardiac conduction system.

Philip Ferguson Jones - Battlefield Medicine WW2 to Present Day

A historical view of the equipment carried by Allied troops in World War 2 including showcasing actual equipment from US troops from the period. Explanations of innovations in battlefield medicine from anti-bacterial agents to blood plasma.

Robert Connolly, Senior lecturer in Physical Anthropology - Art of the Chastity Belt

In a talk that explained the realties of chastity belts and debunked the myths around them he also went on to show images of the decorative work found on most examples.

Liverpool's Skyline from the Hope Street Hotel Roof Terrace

64th Annual Dinner

This was held in the rooftop restaurant at the Hope Street Hotel, a fantastic venue with great views and great staff! After the dinner the guest speaker was Dr Kevin Jones, physician at Bolton NHS Foundation Hospital who got everybody laughing with an excellent speech.

Saturday 20th April

On the Saturday morning there was a tour of St George's Hall and the Walker Art Gallery before the conference was closed.

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