Medical Artist Ltd supports Elephant Haven

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Elephant Haven – European Elephant Sanctuary

As part of Medical Artist Ltd continued commitment to supporting the environment, animal welfare and charitable causes, we have recently donated to Elephant Haven through the 1% for the Planet Scheme.

The Importance of Elephant Haven

Elephant HavenElephant Haven is a European organisation, that struck a chord with the team at Medical Artist Ltd for a number of a reasons.  And that is because Elephant Haven are building a new sanctuary in Europe to give circus elephants a home. This new home will provide shelter, huge acres of space where the elephants can roam free, or be in a safe environment for those traumatised elephants that may never get over their treatment and need security and help.

Elephant Haven are on a mission and are very busy creating this sanctuary to re-home these elephants that have cruelly had to perform in circuses. Many European countries are banning the use of wild animals in circuses, however, it is not possible to relocate all of these elephants to the country they originate from. By creating a safe, natural habitat, Elephant Haven are able to offer a place for these elephants to retire, re-socialise and rehabilitate fostering a good quality of life for these animals.

Proud to support the environment through 1% for the Planet

Elephant HavenThe donations are carried out through our membership with 1% for the Planet, a charitable organisation that connects businesses, non-profits and individuals to work together globally towards a healthy planet. Donations made through the 1% for the Planet Scheme are given to organisations that will aid and help the environment with the aim to encourage collaboration between it’s members, identifying environmental organisations that make a high level of impact to protect our beautiful planet.

Protect the Elephants

As a global nation, we must do all we can to save these precious creatures and extend their life span. Medical Artist Ltd are delighted to support Elephant Haven, but further aid is always necessary. Elephant Haven welcomes donations or volunteers from anyone wishing to help.

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