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2020 Healthcare Pharmaceutical Awards LogoIt made our New Year to find out that has been announced as winner in the Global Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020. We were named as winners of the Best Medical Illustration & Animation Specialists category. Being selected against some of the best medical artists in the world is a great honour, as is the recognition for our work by such a prestigious organisation.

Jo Butler, DirectorOver the last 10 years, our highly trained medical artists have created an astonishing library of beautifully detailed medical illustrations. What fills us with pride though is the way our work has been used to teach, train and elucidate complex medical topics in a wide range of settings. We have even been told that our work has undoubtedly contributed to the improvement of patient outcomes, because it helps medics to better diagnose and treat conditions and patients to better understand and contribute to their diagnosis and treatment plan.

2020 was a challenging year certainly but for our team it was also one of great opportunity and honour.  The most exciting thing was certainly when Director Joanna Culley was invited to speak at the World Health Organisation in Geneva on Neglected Tropical Diseases; a topic linked to her PhD on the use of medical illustrations to aid diagnosis in sub-Saharan Africa. Working in this field means that our efforts have immediate and measurable impact on the people most affected, the patients. Not only is this work being fully funded by but it will substantively improve outcomes for patients currently suffering with unfamiliar conditions that are frequently improperly diagnosed and treated.

We’ve played a part in supporting medical teams closer to home recently too. In the advert of COVID-19, worked with a number of clients to rapidly create a broad base of illustrative resources to support medical communications around the wildfire virus, including a series on the proper use and applications of different levels of PPE in medical settings. Medical illustrations can play a big part in supporting the healthcare industry, by providing illustrations and resources that will in turn help medical communication agencies using Delphi method to strengthen their product proposition and allow them to offer alternative treatment plans to patients suffering and drive change within the healthcare industry.

Our skilled, creative team deliver the highest quality medical illustrations, visuals and animations and relish each new challenge, so if you would like to find out more or talk to us about a project, please explore our site or feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.

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