Medical Artists’ Association of GB Conference in Manchester UK

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We attend the conferences held by the Medical Artist’ Association each year because they are an important way to keep up to date with new trends, to learn about what our piers are doing in the world of science and to catch up with colleagues and friends.

The conference in Manchester this year was themed on ‘Medical art, Art in Medicine and Medical Humanities’ which has, in recent years, become popular modes of discourse within the arts and humanities at HE level, encouraged by wider public programmes and funding support by organisations such as the Wellcome Trust, and through festivals such as the Manchester Science Festival.

The conference aimed to explore how Art in Medicine functioned at the level of training and teaching for the medical professions. To study what the benefits for Humanities are, to have Arts and Medical students  engaging with Medical Art and Art in Medicine. To study what is the status, in HE, of Medical Art as a practice, does it simply exists as a historical curiosity. What role should be played by the MAA or other institutions in these discussions, and how can the Association make itself more visibly active within such HEI discourses. also held a short talk to discuss our new business enterprise for artists to sell their work as rights managed artwork. Joanna Culley and Tim Butler from have created new business called The Medical Stock Images Company and invites all qualified medical artists to display and sell their work. The site can be found here: The Medical Stock Images Company

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