Illustrations of Medical Devices and Instruments

At we produce medical illustrations that includes surgical procedures along with the illustration of a variety of medical devices and instruments that are involved.

The term Medical Devices covers a wide range of instruments and equipment used in a variety of medical treatments. Medical devices range from a small stent through to joint replacements and instruments used in surgery. The medical device images shown here have been created for a range of clients, from device manufacturers through to surgeons who often use new devices when developing innovative new surgical techniques.

Working directly with the surgeon or healthcare professional, illustrations are accurate and anatomically precise. And with illustration the devices can be shown in place, helping to put a patient at ease because they are fully up to speed with what is in involved concerning their surgery.

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Gallery of Medical Devices and Anatomy Associated with Specific Uses

Tubular plate fixation

Tubular plate fixation sacrum

Tubular plate fixation

Tubular plate fixation humerus

Spinal anesthetics have their effects at the spinal cord, which originates at the foramen magnum of the skull and the brainstem and extends caudally to the conus medullaris

Lumbar aneasthesia procedure

Arthroscope instrument

Arthroscope instrument

Surgery femur repair

Surgery femur repair

Removal of eye cataract surgery

Removal of eye cataract surgery More Surgery Illustrations

Anesthesia increases patient comfort, which can in turn reduce recovery times

Medical artists can explain the unseen like lumbar aneasthesia

Blood transfusions are done to replace blood

Blood transfusion device

Intravenous line giving substances directly into the veiny

Intravenous line giving substances directly into the vein

The angiographic catheter for dye that allows visualisation of the anatomy

The medical device used is angiographic catheter for dye

Illustration showing naturally occuring electrical heart conduction

Illustration showing naturally occuring electrical conduction

Stent placement

Medical artists can visualise the unseen use of medical devices

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