Our Digital Communication Products and Services

Commissioning Creation of Websites, for eLearning, iBook and the App

Whether you are a new business or an existing one, the team at medical-artist.com offer a comprehensive digital communications service with regards to creating digital products and providing services, for the healthcare and medical industries. We design and build websites, plus create their bespoke illustration and animation to complement the content. We design and provide content both written and visual using iBooks author producing iBooks. We have the expertise to take our digital publications and sell as iBooks, Kindle, Android products to market through the Apple Store. We provide optimised content for the App, for example we have provided medical art for drawMD.com since 2010. We provide content for eLearning systems to a number of major clients across the world by delivering beautiful medical illustrations that are educational and appealing.

Creation of Medical Illustration for the App

Medical Animation for iBooks, Kindle, Android

We have plenty of experience at providing medical animation for use within digital products such as the App, iBook, Kindle and Android. We have been a studio at the forefront of providing medical visual content for the latest emerging digital technologies for a large number of years now. We have the creative ideas along with the digital expertise to understand how best to create products that communicate medical information from patient education to pharmacautical product sales aids.

Medical animation samples for digital products

Website Design and Build

We are a dedicated and multi skilled team, we can take your ideas and bring to life as a new website design and build or update an existing website with wonderful medical art or medical animation. With many creative ideas and years of experience, we can also advise during a website build on how best to create a site for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from the start, we can manage Google Ad Words accounts and be more comprehensive in our website development than any one else we know.

Producing Digital Books as iBooks, for the Kindle and Android

We have grown to not only produce medical illustrations and medical animations aimed for digital products, to creating our own completed product with written content and design, offering our products to market. These have been as educational guides and books available for the general public to buy on areas such as fetal development week by week, to a guide on Bell's Palsy recovery, to Surgical Guides on the Hernia. We work with medical professionals and experts within their own fields, and combine with our knowledge to produce top end medical and scientific products such as the iBook, for the Kindle and Android, iPad Apps.

Medical Illustration and Animation samples for iBook, Kindle, Android