Using Medical Illustrations in Medical Papers

Clinicians, medical students are constantly researching, writing, and developing techniques and methods in the pursuit and study of medical science, with the aim to constantly improve patient treatment and care. This information is often presented as medical papers within the professional circles.

Joanna provides high quality medical illustrations, ranging from simple line drawings to full colour surgery stages, specifically for medical papers. Please see the samples, your options are discussed with you each time.

Working with the healthcare professional, the medical illustrations can be created from text, sketches or notes in order to explain and accompany the new findings or research. They go to explain complicated medical jargon, break up long pages of text, add interest, demonstrate new techniques. With this in mind, Joanna can produce to short deadlines, is efficient, and helpful and knowledgeable in anatomy, so able to grasp the requirements that results in a pleasing illustration. Please contact Joanna to ask advice or for a free quotation. Illustrations to suit each budget.

Examples of Illustrations Created for Specific Papers. Images also available for license.

Anatomy of a wrinkle in the skin

Anatomy of a wrinkle in the skin See full gallery of skin artwork

Medical & Scientific diagrams

Medical & Scientific diagrams

Illustration showing cardiac gene delivery using a virus called adeno-associated-virun

Cardiac gene delivery in the heart

Medical & Scientific diagrams

Medical & Scientific diagrams

Recent Medical Paper Illustrations

Medical papers can vary hugely in content, and Joanna has completed medical illustrations for many different healthcare professionals. For example, as shown above, the lumbar illustration was part of a series of vertebrae illustrations for DynamicDiscDesign, created to demonstrate how muscle action within the spine area impacted on bone anatomy and in the most serious cases, bone degeneration.

Other commissions have been to illustrate a new cardiac gene delivery system in the heart and the purpose of the illustration was to show the three methods of delivery. The heart needed to be realsim in style, and its size and style to be suitable for inclusion in a medical paper.