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The liver and its Function in the Human Body

The liver has a wide range of functions within the human body. It is involved in digestion, metabolism and detoxification and it is therefore vital for our survival. With such complex human organs such as the liver, creating and producing accurate medical art and illustration needs to be well researched in order to do it professionally. At we take pride in producing anatomy in an artistic format for any type of business. By also taking pride in our anatomical knowledge we are always happy to discuss any type of art or design project. Contact us here anytime.

Hepatic disease

More commonly known as Liver disease, covers a range of disease from hepatitis, cirrhosis, haemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, Sclerosing cholangitis, Budd-Chiari cirrhosis, Gilbert’s syndrome and Glycogen storage disease type 2. There are also paediatric liver diseases. These diseases relate to liver dysfunction related to digestive issues, blood sugar and immune disorders, abnormal absorption of fats and metabolism problems. All conditions of liver disease can be readily illustrated and Joanna can work from written notes, research, sketches and converse with the clinician.

The Livers function 

As we all know, the liver has many roles. It processes digested food from the intestine, controls levels of fats amino acids and glucose in the blood. It not only neutralises and destroys drugs and toxins but clears the blood of particles and infections including bacteria. Not only combating infections, the liver also stores vitamins such as iron and other essential chemicals and manufactures and breaks down numerous hormones. The liver is also responsible for making enzymes and proteins which complete chemical reactions such as blood clotting. All in all, it’s a remarkable organ and something we should take great care of.