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In response to a number of requests from website visitors we how now updated the site to include some resources for those who use medical illustrators and the medical illustrators themselves. There are also other developments coming very soon to this area so please keep coming back.

Medical Artist Skills Information

To be a professional Medical Artist in the UK you have to undergo intensive training in both human anatomy and scientific illustration techniques. The skills of a medical artist are to be able to understand the specific anatomy and pathology and then create an accurate and easy to understand visual representation to communicate that information. This takes significant training and experience. Read more about the medical artists skills and training.

Email Newsletter

To help people get more from medical illustrations and understand how best to use the skills of medical illustrators we put together a periodic email newsletter with information that we hope is useful to those who commission medical illustrations and medical art. To sign up and read more about the newsletter and read some of the previous articles see our Illustrators Newsletter Page.

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Free Wallpaper for Computers and Smart Phones

We have taken a selection of our medical illustrations and turned them into background wallpaper for you computer and smart phone. These anatomical wallpapers are free for you to use, but please don't use them for any other purpose as this will breach copyright! We have tried to put a selection of popular screen sizes up, if we don't have your size and you can't reduce another down then please email and we will try our best to include your screen size in future releases. There are only a small number available currently but we hope to increase this overtime.

See the free anatomical wallpapers selection

Hot Books

These are the books that we are currently using as reference on some projects - to be extra helpful we have linked them straight through to Amazon. We have put these on their own page at - Medical Illustration Hot Books. Please do send us an email at with any comments or recommended books you have.

Links Section

We have put together a selection of links to other websites that we think are useful for users of medical illustrations and other medical illustrators. If you like then please spread the word and link to this site from your blog or website. To make it easier you can just cut and paste the following code into the HTML of your webpage to create a link.

Link Text to Use

<a href="" target="_blank" title="medical illustrations and medical art website">Professional medical illustrations from</a> - Medical illustrations and medical legal illustration by certified medical illustrator Joanna Culley

If you think that our website visitors would benefit from linking to your website then please consider our linking policy on the medical illustrators links page before emailing us. Thanks!

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