New Project Win – Dental Monitoring

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Dental Monitoring

Supplying Medical Illustrations of Dental Conditions

Dental care for patients

Ways to educate and inform patients is constantly evolving and developing. With Dental Monitoring patients can have their dental treatment controlled from the comfort of their home, warning their doctor of changing conditions as they occur. This makes dental treatment faster, more efficient with fewer in practice appointments required. So how do they do it…through Ai technology. They use State-of-art Artificial Intelligence to generate instant photo-realistic simulations of patient’s future smiles. Learn about Dental Monitoring.

Our Medical Illustration Brief

Our brief was to supply a set of medical illustrations that could be sent to patients as part of their dental records. The system of delivery was called SmileMate. Describing conditions is difficult to  for patients to envisage  exactly so this is where illustrations provide added value. We created illustrations that showed each condition clearly, creating the same background teeth anatomy to provide consistency. The project is ongoing where we approached to provide further illustrations as and when needed.

If you have requirements for dental illustrations you can see further examples of our work here.

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