New Project Win – Foetal Illustrations for Stroller Life

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New Project Win working for Client  – Stroller Life

Fetal development illustrationWe are very excited to have been commissioned by Stroller Life to create 80 illustrations of fetal development. This will be 40 illustrations of the foetus week by week as individual illustrations as well as  40 week by week illustrations of the foetus developing inside the mother’s womb.

Stroller Life

Stroller Life are creating a new app which will be aimed at expectant mothers, their need therefore was the creation of illustrations that would inform new parents about their new baby and also about their own changes in their body. We were commissioned because of our experience at creating medically accurate illustrations of foetal development.

Based in Switzerland Stroller Life are creating an app that will offer a weekly pregnancy guide and daily updates in a readily accessible and educational format. It’s designed to share what’s happening to a parents new growing baby and also the changes in their own body. The user will be able to browse the gallery to see the foetal development illustrations to see what the growing baby might look like at each weekly stage.


Illustrations allow for expectant parents to be able to follow their baby’s development from a tiny mass of cells through to a fully developed baby. The illustrations will show how the baby is growing inside the mothers womb and by it being used in an app format it will give the user instant access to the information and allow the user to seamlessly connect and interact, making it a valuable tool for learn about pregnancy.

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