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Ophthalmology - The Anatomy & Pathology of the Eye

Here is the gallery of illustrations concerning the area of medicine called ophthalmology. This gallery demonstrates our illustrations created for previous clients as well as show casing what we can do. We are renowned for producing top quality bespoke medical art and medical illustration for clients across the world.

We are a full time professional team readily able to create medical art and animation, medical illustration of anatomy, physiology, diseases of the eye and surgery of the eye. You can contact us any time here Medical Artist.

Interesting Facts about the Anatomy of the Eye

Eyes begin to develop just three weeks after fertilisation, and during these embryonic developments the eye starts its formation from the cells of the neural tube. Once born however, an infant will continue to learn to focus and while infants are able to focus at any distance, at first they do not have very good control of their ciliary muscles. This therefore means that during the first 2 months of life they may not focus accurately.

Why do we blink? Blinking without really realising it is essential in maintaining our vision and keeping our eyes healthy. Blinking helps move tears over our eyeballs, helping to keep them moist and allowing the eyelids a smooth surface to glide across.

The anatomy of the eye. The eyes themselves sit inside the orbital bones of the skull and are surrounded by cushioning pads of fat within the orbital socket. Nerve signals that contain visual information are transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain and it's the extraocular muscles that move the eye in its different directions. Humans have two eyes facing forward because that giving us stereovision, where the eye and brain anatomy work together to make sense out of an image and give us depth perception. Vision is one of the most used of the human's five senses and is thought of as a primary means of gathering information from our surroundings.

Joanna and her team specialise in providing custom-made ophthalmology and eye anatomy illustrations. From simple diagrams to complex ophthalmology anatomy, the team are readily able to advise you on your project. To turn medical or anatomical matter into a helpful visual for any project please contact Medical Artist.

Gallery of Ophthalmology and Eye Anatomy Artwork

Eye illustration; Occular surface of the healthy eye

Occular surface of the healthy eye Further anatomy of the eye here:

Occular surface with glands

Occular surface with glands

A stye

A stye

Eye illustration; Herpes of the eye

Herpes of the eye

Eye anatomy showing a corneal ulcer

Eye showing a corneal ulcer

Punctate keratitis

Punctate keratitis

Eye illustration; dacrocystitis

Eye illustration with dacrocystitis

Eye anatomy showing Conjunctivitis


A Look at the Eye

Periorbital cellulitis

Eye illustration; meibomian dysfunction

Eye illustration with meibomian dysfunctions

Conjunctivitis as seen on the face

Conjunctivitis inflammation of the mucous membrane

Periorbital cellulitis is inflammation and infection of the eyelid

Periorbital cellulitis

Eye illustration; Esotropia


Eye anatomy showing Exotropia




Posterior Retina Optic Nerve

Posterior Retina Optic Nerve ~ Pathology of the Optic Nerve here

Eye illustration; anatomy illustration in cross section

Eye illustration in cross section

Eye anatomy showing Nuclear sclerosis

Nuclear sclerosis

Corticle spoking

Corticle spoking

Eye illustration; grey spot

Eye illustration showing grey spot

High frequency technique to remove cataracts

High frequency technique to remove cataracts

Diseased lens removal

Diseased lens removal


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