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Our best services ready to increase engagement through creative communication

As a medical illustration creation agency we work with clients from the pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical device, medical and health industries and our purpose is to work with clients to enhance medical, patient education and marketing communications. We accomplish this by providing a range of medical visualisation or ‘visual’ communication services.

Our services are designed to provide our customers with a whole creative package. We provide the illustrative anatomical content using many traditional mediums and styles as well as working with the digital mediums creating interactive animations, 3D interactive models, 2D hyper realistic renderings which are used to illustrate medical devices, to 2D moving parts as motion graphics.

What we create is aimed to work with written text within patient education, as animations on websites, as part of a marketing plan, to promote a medical product. There is no limit to what benefit good visual content can bring as an educational and instructional tool.

Patient education

Muscle, nerves, tendons of the hand palmer view

Digital systems

iMedical Illustrations for an App


Physiology colouring book for students cover illustration


Internal anatomy of a child
Traditional Medical Illustration

We provide a range of illustration using the traditional mediums to provide our customers with that perfect style and aesthetic fit for a project.

2D Motion Graphics

We provide motion graphics as 2D pieces of digital footage to create the illusion of motion for use in websites, multimedia projects. They are a proven engagement tool.

Stock Medical Illustration

We have a sister site of medical stock imagery to provide customers with an immediate solution for their marketing needs.

Digital Medical Illustration

We create medical illustrations using a digital medium to produce stunning, precise visuals that can also extend into animations.

3D Medical Animations

Animations can play a key part in medical marketing communications. With our training in anatomy ours are anatomically precise as well as visually engaging.

Digital and Graphic Design

We create iBooks, apps, anatomy posters, eLearning, Kindle, Android content using our beautiful medical illustrations. We can custom develop brochures, leaflets, layouts, presentations for digital and print.

“Joanna was right at home working with us to develop illustrations that both met our clinical needs
and fit perfectly into the aesthetics of our user interface.
Her work is superb!”Michael Gold, Carecloud, Director of Product Development
“I was looking for some thing unique to add to our surgery business unit presentation
…she has incredibly understood our needs and impressed us with her beautiful work”Samer Al Masri Director, Fourmed, UEA

Our Other Services

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Why choose us

We see each project as a collaborative enterprise listening to our client’s requirements. We include great research and design as well as providing beautiful illustration content and medical visuals.

We are anatomically trained artists and able to undertake a huge variety of projects. We have a range of styles and mediums on offer to provide a complete visual package.

Our approach is that extra mile

We treat each project big or small with equal enthusiasm, with careful planning, accurate scheduling, great administration and project management.

Our customer service and support we offer our customers is equal to our creative content. Our aim for our customers to have an easy and enjoyable experience.

Original Ideas and Content Suggestions
Graphic and Design Skills
In house Digital Expertise
A Project Management Team
Production of Large Scale Projects
Professional Customer Service

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